UAA Seawolf Dining
 February 17, 2017
Staff Spotlight: Jamie Garton

Jamie Garton, the retail supervisor for the Bear Necessities, moved to Alaska in 2003 from Sparks, Nevada. She lived in Juneau and then Fairbanks when she began her career at NMS. Transferring from Fairbanks with NMS in 2015 she quickly moved up to her current position at UAA.

With years of experience in retail positions she takes her work on campus very seriously. Every day she strives to meet and exceed the expectations of her customers on campus. She has listened to the students and made buying choices based on their needs and wants. In 2015 she launched a highly successful "green market" at the Bear which sells fresh fruit and vegetables. That same year she created an organic section where students can find an assortment of organic options in the grocery and frozen section -- despite the additional cost of organic options. 

2016 has proven to be an excellent year for her since she been ordering more sushi options and looking and moving in a paleo line. She also started a special coffee card exclusive to the Bear, where customers can pre-purchase a $25 coffee card, at a discount. This new program has been a win - win for the Bear and its customers with increased coffee sales.

Jamie gives tremendous credit to her staff and says much of the success of the C-store is to their feedback and hard work. 
Regarding her new home state, Jamie loves the Aurora Borealis, moose in her front yard and driving through Denali. In the next five years, Jamie sees herself finishing college and applying her knowledge and skills in business partnership that serves my community. 

Student Promotions and Communications

Starting this week. Seawolf Dining will be providing students the opportunity to win prizes from each of our locations. Starting with Caliente, anyone who starts following Seawolf Dining on Facebook is eligible to win a burrito, bottled Coke and De la Rosa candy. Winners will be announced on Facebook with their photo and gift certificate. Next week, Daily Grind is offering a 12 oz coffee beverage and bakery item. 
With limited hours at Cuddy, student still have great options for food on Fridays. We're letting them know with digital signage, Facebook and Twitter.

Meal Plan Promos
VMP Promo
Seawolf Dining is offering students a coffee card valued at $25 for all new meal plans purchased by 3/15/17. Promoted Facebook and digital signage.
Staff & Faculty 
Meal Plan Flyer

Printed at GSS and distributed to all staff mailboxes on campus.
New on Campus

Dasani Sparkling 

New @ the Bear Necessities

Special Savings
2 FOR $3

Dasani Water is on sale across campus. 

Caliente offers a Tostada and fountain soda special for $3.50.

Caliente Catering 

Caliente will now be offering catering for parties starting with a minimum of 30 people. We will be promoting this with a mailer to all departments, a visit to the departments in the Student Union, a post on Green & Gold and a new page on the Seawolf Dining website. 

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