UAA Seawolf Dining
October 15 - November 4
New Menu for Caliente
We've changed the menu layout and added some new value offers for  students including tacos for $5. 

To market this new menu we've got Facebook ads, digital signage and new sandwich boards. 
Student Survey

The results are in! 
We were very excited about receiving surveys from 274 students, staff and faculty. 

We also awarded one participant with a Seawolf Dining Meal plan valued at $295.  We'll meet soon to discuss. 
Staff Spotlight: Nik Perez

Nikolas Perez, Creekside's new sous chef, started his career 17 years ago when his mom, at 15, told him to go get a job. Nik started at the bottom with a stint at McDonalds, moving up to busser, dishwasher server and finally, behind the line. His curiosity about food grew and led him to find the answers through education when he enrolled at the Arizona Culinary Institute where he graduated with honors. Since completing his education, he moved up the culinary ranks rather quickly where he spent the last five years in fine dining moving into the position of Executive Chef before coming to Creekside.


"Over time I started to see that making food was not just a job, but it was a form of art. It also created passion with the fact that you get to build (something) from nothing and create beautiful pieces of food. Like a painter and their paint bush, to me, a Chef and my Chef knife. It is art, and I still have all the passion in the world."


Creekside Action Stations
Vegan Action Station
Beef Marsala Action Station
Gumbo Action Station
Nacho Station
Creekside Photos
International Station
Seawolf Waffle Press
Dessert Station
Cuddy Marketplace Updates
Cuddy Salad Bar Sign - Hanging from the ceiling. 

New cling for Cuddy with Coke branding takes a well-loved cooler and makes it look great! 

This ties our slice and fountain soda special in nicely at the pizza station.  

New on Campus
On display at Express, Borealis Brew and in Cuddy Marketplace.
Displaying our daily soup offerings in style!
Special Savings
Caliente is offering a Nachos & Fountain soda special for $5 through Nov. 4. 

This is promoted with flyers, digital screens across campus and a Facebook ads campaign. 
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