UAA Seawolf Dining
December 2017
Printed ad in The Northern Light

We had WAFFLES and WHATNOT join us for CRAM JAM late night this year. They offered amazing waffle dishes to the students courtesy of NMS and Seawolf Housing. 
Our partners with Odom were also on hand handing out new Monster beverages.  

We had a great turnout with 126 students joining us. We were also lucky with great weather that made waiting outside bearable. 

Special Meals
New This Year
Breakfast at the Bear

On Friday mornings, starting at 8 am, the Bear is open to provide breakfast sandwiches and coffee to students. 
DONUTS! We've got DONUTS! 

New for this year, we offer donuts in our coffee shops. We even have a special price when purchased with an espresso beverage. 
Varsity Sports Grill
WOLFcard Menu

New menu with special savings available to all WOLFcard holders at the Varsity. 
Special Savings
Savings, savings everywhere!
Seawolf Dining offers many ways to save. 
Caliente Catering 

Caliente offers catering for parties starting with a minimum of 30 people. We will be promoting this with a mailer to all departments, posted on Green & Gold and a new page on the Seawolf Dining website. 

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