UAA Seawolf Dining
October 2017
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Appearing - 10/31/17, 11/14/17 and 12/5/17
Fall Survey!
Student were asked to complete our fall survey from 
October 10 -  October 26. 

Halloween Feast! 

Special Meals
Weekly  Taste Changers

Each week Seawolf Dining provides a little something special at dinner service. From create your own pasta to sushi night, our staff interacts directly with the students to customize meals.
New This Year
Breakfast at the Bear

On Friday mornings, starting at 8 am, the Bear is open to provide breakfast sandwiches and coffee to students. 
DONUTS! We've got DONUTS! 

New for this year, we offer donuts in our coffee shops. We even have a special price when purchased with an espresso beverage. 
Varsity Sports Grill
WOLFcard Menu

New menu with special savings available to all WOLFcard holders at the Varsity. 
Broc Hunters
Broc hunters find this fun stuffed veggie
 all over campus and win a free meal at Creekside.
Brock Hunter #1
Brock Hunter #2
Partner Giveaway
Monster 2-fer

This lucky person won the speaker provided by Monster energy drinks in a drawing held in the Bear Necessities. Odom provided this giveaway opportunity along with a buy one get one product deal. 
Special Savings
Savings, savings everywhere!
Seawolf Dining offers many ways to save. 
Our Success Depends on Our Staff
Staff Spotlight: Nina King

When it comes to customer service, NMS' Nina King is a star. Having been with the company since 2008, she's worn a number of hats. From cashier to station manager and now the jack of all trades at Caliente. When you come down her line, she'll know you by name, she'll know your order and she'll remember some detail about you that makes you feel like you're longtime friends. She knows her customers and she loves her job, and it shows.

Nina King moved as a child from the Philippines to the US and made her way to Alaska in 1979. She lived and worked in Kodiak, Alaska in the school district there as a bi-lingual aide for 18 years. She started her career with NMS as a cashier at Creekside and in 2013, UAA opened the Eagle River kiosk and she managed that location until 2016. Nina says she was nervous about taking on the manager role, but Scott Evers encouraged her to push herself and she was excelled in the role. She loved working in the Eagle River location, she was close to home and she grew fond of the people she served every day. When Caliente opened, Scott knew just who could run that show - providing the kind of service that Nina grew famous for in Eagle River. Now she acts as cashier, sous chef and when needed, she works the line.

Married for more than 30 years, Nina and her husband have three children and two grandkids who are all out in Eagle River. Nina says her favorite thing about working for NMS is that she gets the interaction she needs from people - taking care of her social side and has the flexibility to spend her off time with her children and grandbabies.

Caliente Catering 

Caliente offers catering for parties starting with a minimum of 30 people. We will be promoting this with a mailer to all departments, posted on Green & Gold and a new page on the Seawolf Dining website. 

Scott Evers | 907-751-7491 | |