We arranged for a second baking!!
German Stollen
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German Christmas 1 lb Stollen
2lb German Christmas  Stollen

German Christmas  2 lb Stollen
WOW - Demand for Stollen - was so high this season.

We ended up running out way before everyone had a chance to order.  

So - 
we requested a second baking and NOW.....

It's here!  

These scrumptious 
1 pound and 2 pound German Christmas Stollen are as authentically German 
as one can find! 

Made with only the finest fresh ingredients, this stollen was in fact honored by the 
Food Network as the Best! 
The supply is limited.  When they're gone, they're gone until next year.

First time we ever ordered a Second Baking!! 
So don't be disappointed! Order now for your friends, family members, and of course, for your own Christmas Brunch. 

Want us to send them for you?  

Simply use the bill to ship to option when ordering on our website and as long as supplies last, luscious 
German stollen will be on their merry way to everyone on your list.


Dieter H. Rausch
The Christmas Sleigh, Inc.

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