I am writing to let you know about a specific need at Rehema for Kids. Due to the tumultuous year of COVID-19, donations are down overall in 2020.

A gift today will help remedy the $265,000 needed to balance the budget by December 31st.

Your crucial contribution provides food, clothes, housing,
education, basic medical needs and love to 203 abandoned and abused children.

It provides a second chance at life!

Meet Riziki. She was born into unimaginable circumstances!
Riziki means “Destiny” in Swahili. She came to In Step Children’s Home in February of 2011 at the age of 10 months after being horrifically abused by a family member. Even at that young age you can see the sadness in her eyes.

But, there is hope. God is transforming Riziki’s life through the work your donation provides at In Step Children’s Home. Today, other children at In Step with equally heartbreaking stories need your help.

Right now, only
  • 9 kids out of 203 are fully sponsored
  • 76 are partially sponsored
  • 118 kids are waiting to be sponsored

YOU have the opportunity to give them a second chance at life, family and a relationship with Jesus!

  • It takes $7 per day to cover the needs of one child
Today, Riziki is a happy, healthy 4th grader who is quiet but very social. She loves to play hop scotch, color, and jump rope. Riziki is full of excitement when she interacts with people and is one of the first to help hold babies, carry dishes back to the kitchen, and help staff. She is extremely kind.

Your donation truly allows the kids to start healing and thriving.
Thank you for your prayers, love, and gifts!
Estha Trouw Madeira, Executive Director
Cell: 760.717.4716