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Jescee Nicole Lambert lost her courageous fight against COVID-19 and complications on January 5th. Jescee was the daughter of Scott Lambert who served as a Tennessee Trucking Association Road Team Captain in 2016. Scott works for FedEx Freight Corporation. Jescee was the oldest daughter of Scott and Lisa Lambert. She left two younger sisters, Jordan and Josie Lambert. She was born on September 2, 1996, and died on January 5, 2022. Below is a link to a GoFundMe page that has been set up for the Lambert family. The goal of this fundraiser is to assist the Lamberts with the financial burdens of this difficult season. If you are able, please give to support this family.
The Tennessee Trucking Association is about to finalize all of the pavers from the Paving the Way for the Next 90 Years campaign, but we wanted to give everyone one last opportunity to purchase a paver to be engraved.
When you have visited the Tennessee Trucking Association headquarters, we hope you have noticed the 43 company or individuals’ names on pavers at the entrance to our building. The people and companies inscribed on these pavers contributed to the retirement of our building’s mortgage when we initiated this practice in 1996. As we celebrated our 90th year as an Association, we launched our campaign, Paving the Way for the Next 90 Years.
The cost of each paver is $500.00, and, since all payments will be made to the Tennessee Trucking Foundation, all purchases are 100% tax-deductible. Flexible payment terms; You can do 1 payment of $500.00, 2 payments of $250.00, or 4 payments of $125.00.
These pavers could be dedicated to any one or more of the following; a TTA member carrier or allied company, a loved one, either present or past, an employee, either past or present, a Road Team Captain, either past or present, a TTA Award winner, a Safety Professional of the Year, a Maintenance Professional of the Year, and Allied Professional of the Year, a Young Professional of the Year, a Technician Skills Grand Champion, a Truck Driving Championship Grand Champion, a Tennessee Driver of the Year, a Fleet Safety Award Grand Champion, just to name some of the possibilities.
Our first pavers were purchased by Dave Huneryager. Below is a sample of what his bricks will look like. You can also see all pavers that have been purchased as more samples here.
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For Immediate Release

Jan. 10, 2021

Contact: Don Christenson, President, and CEO — Christenson Transportation Inc. | 417-866-5993 Ext. 1100 | [email protected]

Christenson Transportation acquires Tennessee-based Sharp Transport Inc.
Strafford, Mo. — January 10, 2022 Christenson Transportation Inc. is proud to announce that it is expanding its freight network with the recent acquisition of Sharp Transport Inc., a family-owned carrier headquartered in Ethridge, Tennessee.
The acquisition was finalized on December 31, 2021, but the financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Christenson Transportation, which operates about 180 trucks, said it will add another 120 drivers, including a mix of company drivers and owner-operators, to its growing fleet with the acquisition of Sharp Transport.
“What really drew us to Sharp Transport, which is a family-owned company that’s been around as long as ours 42 years was its similar culture built around the drivers that matched ours,” said Don Christenson, President and CEO, Christenson Transportation.
“I tell people that it’s easy to quit a job but it’s hard to quit on your friends and family. Our goal is to make our drivers feel like they are part of our family and Sharp Transport shares that same goal,” Christenson said.
The acquisition of Sharp Transport will offer customers additional freight capacity as both carriers largely operate in the same freight lanes in the lower 48 states.
Allie Sharp-Schwalb, who served as president and CEO of Sharp Transport, will step into her new role as Vice President of the company for three years to help with the transition. The company will operate under the name Sharp Transport, a division of Christenson Transportation.
“Transportation has been really good to our family for a lot of years and we just decided it was time to join forces with another family-owned trucking company that shares similar values,” said Allie Sharp-Schwalb. Sharp Transport was founded by Sharp-Schwalb’s parents, John and Rebecca “Becky” Sharp, in 1979. 
Christenson also acquired Sharp’s brokerage operation, which will be folded into its own brokerage company, CS Carrier Service LLC, founded by Don Christenson’s father, Gene Christenson, in 1979.
“Our strategic plan has been about preparing for the next generation of management to eventually take over, while the people that have been with me for a long time know they still have a place but their roles transitioned to start doing more mentoring,” Don Christenson said. “Both companies have third-generation family members involved in the day-to-day operations that are dedicated to continuing the importance of a strong driver culture.”
Christenson’s son, RayVaun Christenson, serves as the Director of Operations of Christenson Transportation, while Sharp-Schwalb’s nephew, Chase Atkins will move to his new position as the company’s COO.
Established in 1979, Gene Christenson founded CS Carrier Service LLC, a brokerage firm in Strafford, Missouri. His son, Don Christenson, started Christenson Transportation in 1995, which runs in the lower 48 states. The company operates two terminals, one in Strafford and the second location in Lebanon, Tennessee. The company specializes in the hauling of high-value, high-risk, and time-sensitive freight including tires, pet food, paper, electronics and other general commodities.
John and Rebecca Sharp started Sharp Transport in Ethridge, Tennessee, with one truck in 1979. Their daughter, Allie Sharp-Schwalb, started working as a driver manager for the company in 1988 before eventually leading the company as its President and CEO. The company’s main terminal remains in Ethridge, but the carrier also has an office and terminal in Nashville. The company hauls general commodities freight.
Photo caption for attached photo (front row, left to right): Rebecca Sharp and John Sharp. Back row: Allie Sharp-Schwalb and Don Christenson.
Supreme Court Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Rule for Large US...

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FMCSA Sets Up Apprenticeship for Young Drivers

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January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in the US, making it a wonderful opportunity to learn more about human trafficking and how the transportation industry can help combat it. Join Truckers Against Trafficking's mobile army today!

With the excitement of the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday behind us, criminals may use this time to take advantage of shipping terminals and in-transit shipments. To remain prepared and vigilant, we urge every company and Safety Professionals to review their security procedures and protocols.
Below is a list of suggestions to help maintain the integrity of shipments.


  • Check and test security alarms and surveillance systems to ensure proper working order.
  • Ensure batteries are fresh in exit doors and back up cellular (used to maintain alarm reporting)
  • Perform perimeter checks, inspect fencing or other physical barriers to ensure they are properly secured.
  • Check your perimeter lighting to ensure lighting is functional and inspect timers to see that lights are active in darkness
  • Ensure the alarm call list is current with valid contact information. Require a responsible party to respond to all alarm calls, even if the system is suspected of malfunctioning
  • Contact local law enforcement and request extra patrols in the area
  • Remove keys from all warehouse equipment (forklifts etc.) and place them in a secure location
  • Use a cellular dialer system as a secondary measure to landlines to prevent burglars in the event they defeat the main communication system.

 In-Transit Freight:

  • If you must leave your rig or loaded trailer unattended, look for a secure lot or authorized location to leave vehicles.
  • If forced to leave vehicles at a public facility (truck stop, etc) pick one which is well lit and utilizes surveillance equipment.
  • Park within camera view if possible.
  • Secure the tractor with a steering wheel lock if available. On the trailer use a kingpin lock and glad-hand locks while using industrial strength padlocks on the trailer doors.
  • Do not leave keys inside the tractor!
  • Check on any unattended vehicles as frequently as possible.
  • Notify your dispatch team of where and when you have dropped the load provides an estimated time of return.
  • Use tracking devices placed in the load with geo-fencing and automated notifications. 
Kudos to Averitt Express for sharing a Best Practice. They found these steps help reduce the likelihood of cargo theft in their fleet. Keep up the good work!

CargoNet is a program that works with your security team to help secure cargo, coordinate communication, recover inventory, and track trends with a 24/7/365 support center. For more info visit:

Remember, the best security equipment is YOU.

Marty Pollock
Director of Safety
Tennessee Trucking Association

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CFMT has moved the launch of the scholarship applications up to ensure that students receive decisions about receiving the money or not prior to the National College Decision deadline of May 1st. 
This money makes a huge difference for so many students, including whether or not they attend a certain college. Hopefully, this will help students all around in pursuing higher education.  Please call the TTA office at (615) 777-2882 if you have any questions.

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