Second October 2018

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Info and happenings in our Chamber and Town!

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Sidewalk Tent Event Sales
Saturday, October 13th

The DBA, Brandon Area Chamber and the Town of Brandon are working on another "get out to shop" idea to bring more shoppers 
downtown and into your friends and neighbor's businesses. We want to create an atmosphere that is fun, exciting and inviting to folks driving through our downtown and will encourage our local shoppers too!

As many businesses as possible will put up a pop-up tent awning in front of their shops. We want a lot of color and attention grabbing activity and create a bazaar atmosphere. Shops will be moving their summer stock to make room for fall and Christmas, showcasing new items, food items to entice
passersby or informational packets to share business info. We also hope to have some of our businesses from outside the downtown setting up on the street to join in the fun.

Let's put on a good show with lots of participation and energy. Have fun, buy some great stuff and save some money!! Grab a bite or a sip on a toddy and chat up your neighbors in our evolving new streetscape.
Any questions please contact Bernie Carr- email or 
call 247-3744.
Chamber of Commerce Candidate's Night forum. 
Tuesday, October 16th at 7:00pm-  
OV High School auditorium

Join us for an evening of discussion and illumination as we chat with our four candidates for the two house of representatives seats representing Pittsford, Sudbury & Brandon. 
Candidates will have an opportunity to introduce themselves, discuss their platforms and answer questions from the public.
For more information contact the Chamber at 802-247-6401 or email

Your voice is your vote, be informed, be involved, make a difference.

Candidates- Stephanie Jerome, Butch Shaw, Tim Guiles & Seth Hopkins

Brandon, Vermont

More Library News!!

The Friends of the Brandon Free Public Library are selling books by the bagful beginning October 3. For $10.00, you may fill a Hannaford's grocery bag -- which we will provide -- with all the books that are priced for $5.00 or less that it can hold. We will be open in the Library Basement on Wednesday, October 3 and 10 from 4-7:00 p.m., Friday, October 5 and 10 and Saturday, October 6 and 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
We will also be open for Moonlight Madness on Wednesday, December 5 and our fabulous, one of a kind Holiday Auction will take place on Sunday, December 2 with preview at 1:30 and the Auction beginning promptly at 2:00 p.m.
These are all important fundraisers for the Brandon Free Public Library. Funds raised by the Friends support programming throughout the year, especially the Summer programs for children; and purchases of all book, DVD and other materials that are circulated by the Library. Because of the construction, our spring and summer sales were down, so do what you can now to help the Friends meet our goals.

Twangtown Paramours at 
Brandon Music
October 13, 7:30pm

This will be the Twangtown Paramour's fifth consecutive year performing in Brandon. The husband and wife's acoustic "Sophisticated Americana" sound is a hybrid of the Nashville and Austin music scenes that continues to captivate audiences at Brandon Music. WDVX-FM in Knoxville, TN says they are "well accomplished musicians" who blend "thought provoking lyrics with angelic vocals."
Both, MaryBeth Zamer and Mike T. Lewis, are known for their well-crafted and award-winning songs. Lewis writes for Universal's Asian territories and has had songs recorded by independent artists in the U.K, Japan, Korea and the U.S. Together, their song 'Widow of the Mountain' was recently released by the Price Sisters on Rebel Records and the duo is currently writing music for a new play by Vermont playwright Elaine Davida Sklar.
Saturday, October 13 at 7:30pm. Concert tickets are $20. A pre-concert dinner is available for $25.  Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show.Venue is BYOB.
Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail for reservations or for more information. Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Rd. Brandon, VT 05733

Monica Rizzio washes into Brandon
At Brandon Music on 
October 20.

Monica Rizzio grew up on a ranch, barrel racing in East Texas. Somehow, many years later, she found herself crossing over the iconic bridges of Cape Cod and seeing the ocean for the first time. The versatile performer now calls Cape Cod home and her album 'Washashore Cowgirl' is completely autobiographical, telling stories from that journey from Texas to the Cape.  
The singer-songwriter has become one of the most reliable supporting acts as well, having shared the stage with Chris Botti, Boz Scaggs, Diana Krall, Joan Osborne, and Slaid Cleaves this past year. She also performed with Tom Rush, but as Rush says, "I made the tactical error of inviting Monica Rizzio to share the stage with me at Symphony Hall and she went and stole the audience right out from under me!" Rizzio has also played the Main Stage at Strawberry Park Bluegrass festival the past two years and is a frequent collaborator with the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra.
Concert at 7:30pm. Concert tickets are $20. A pre-concert dinner is available for $25.  Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show.Venue is BYOB.
Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail for reservations or for more information. Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Rd. Brandon, VT 05733
This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2018, celebrating arts in Vermont.

Mongolian Culture Performance at
Otter Valley Union Middle and High School
Tuesday, October 23rd-7:00pm OV Auditorium

"The vast steppe of northern China has nurtured a brilliant and unsophisticated grassland culture including the arts of the nomadic "horseback people" who reside on the steppes." 
Students and teachers from the Inner Mongolia Arts University, a college devoted to the preservation of the unique treasures of this nomadic culture will bring their arts to life in a performance at Otter Valley Union High School at 7:00 P.M. on October 23, 2018.  The event is free and open to the public. 
The brilliant, colorful costumes, exotic dance, and unusual and unique instrumental and vocal sounds will captivate audience members of all ages. Young girls will leave mimicking the dance moves and people will be trying to figure out how the sounds coming out of the singer's throats are possible!
The program will include Mongolian throat singing (Hoomei), "one of the world's most amazing art forms because of its overtone singing, where the vocalist utters two simultaneous voice parts by tightening the larynx.'  College students will demonstrate, mixing high and low pitches that imitate natural sounds. 
The musical expression of the vastness, stillness and solitude of the grasslands will be communicated in Mongolian long tone singing "Mongolian Long tone singing, recognized by UNESCO with the title "Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity," requires the singer to have a marvelous voice with an extraordinarily long range because the melodies reflect the spirit of the vast grasslands
"Horses play a vital role in Mongolian people's lives and are viewed as creatures with honest and noble temperaments."  The horse head fiddle is named for the elaborately carved horse-head on top of the instrument's neck.  The strings of the fiddle are made with braided horsehair, as are the fibers of the bow. It is said, "the melodious horse-head fiddle music is more expressive and appropriate in depicting and recalling life on the grassland than a painting. The performance of fiddlers in this group, will transport you to the grasslands where you will hear and feel the thunder of galloping horses!
"Moving is the essence of nomadic culture, which finds expression in the people's souls and in their body movements.  The art of Mongolian dance is the best interpretation of the rhythm of life.  Mongolian folk dance is closely related to their nomadic lifestyle of hunting and religious belief in sacrifices and rituals. "The dances performed by the female dancers in this ensemble will clearly show the Mongolian people's passion for life and the pursuit of happiness"
Admission is free!  Contributions to the "Maple Scholarship for Arts Education" cheerfully accepted.

Snake Mountain Bluegrass, live at Brandon Music
Saturday, October 27th

Seven Days said it best: Snake Mountain's "toe-tapping tunes combine the best of modern and traditional bluegrass". With harmonies and songs that vary in tempo from "breakdown" to ballad, this popular Addison County group consistently puts on a fun show for everyone. Their upcoming concert at Brandon Music on October 27 will feature tunes from their new album, "For Keeps," as well as many traditional favorites.
Retired Middlebury College Professor, Gregg Humphrey, and Middlebury construction company owner, Connor, formed Snake Mountain Bluegrass about thirty years ago. At the time, both Humphrey (guitar and vocals) and Connor (banjo and vocals) were living near Snake Mountain and someone asked them what style of bluegrass they played. "Snake Mountain Bluegrass," was their immediate response and the name has been theirs ever since.
They are joined by Provin and Jacob Blumberg (bass). Provin is a graphic artist living in Poultney.  Blumberg recently moved to Middlebury from Brooklyn. He works as a producer, mastering engineer and multi-instrumentalist for Mason Jar Music with studios in Brooklyn and Nashville.
Concert at 7:30pm. Concert tickets are $20. A pre-concert dinner is available for $25.  Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show.Venue is BYOB.
Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail for reservations or for more information. Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Rd. Brandon, VT 05733
This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2018, celebrating arts in Vermont.

Chicken & Biscuits Church Supper
We will be having our famous Chicken and Biscuits Church Supper on Saturday, October 13 from 5-7:00 p.m.  We will be serving home made Chicken and Biscuits, vegetables, cole slaw and apple crisp for dessert. A free will offering will be taken. If you are going to the evening event at the Town Hall, come to Fellowship Hall first and have dinner with friends and neighbors.

Celebration of Church Life & Leadership
The Brandon Congregational Church invites our neighbors and friends to celebrate with us on Sunday, October 21 at 4:00 p.m. We will recognize Reverend William L. Bartholomew, M. Div. as our settled Minister. The afternoon will feature Dixieland jazz music and a sing-along.  Guest singer will be Francois Clemmons. A finger food potluck will follow in fellowship hall. For more information, please contact Mary Cliver:

 Construction free zone every weekend!!
Saturday & Sunday!
Come on down and poke 
around, enjoy our town!

Even though access is always available to all of Brandon's businesses throughout the week and through all of the construction, it's a little easier and a little calmer on Saturday and Sunday. Pop in and meet your friends and help support our businesses.

"That was So Easy"
A very cute  tale 
of a grandma and granddaughter 
on a little adventure through our 
Segment 6 construction zone!!
Many thanks to Carolyn Whittaker and Callie!

Reinventing the View, 
new work by 
Ashley Wolff !!
Free and open to all. Reinventing the View will be at the gallery through November 5.

In this show Ashley brings her dynamic energy and lush color palette to a full range of subjects, from exuberant florals to new explorations in landscape and abstraction.
Artist and illustrator Ashley Wolff has built a devoted following with her colorful watercolors, gouache paintings and children's book illustrations. The vibrant, celebratory pieces she has selected for Reinventing the View stem from a more personal source.   read more
B R A N D O N  A R T I S T S   G U I L D
7 Center St,  Brandon VT,  05738  |  802.247.4956

Events and activities at the Brandon Town Hall

Enjoy summer and fall entertainment at our little jewel in the middle of our town. 

Saturday, October 13, "The First Annual Masquerade Ball"...7:00 - 10:00 PM.
Tickets, Adults, Seniors & Students...$12. If in costume...$10. Couples...$20. If in costume...$18.
Students... 16 & under, in costume...FREE. This fund raiser is co-sponsored by FOTH and the Brandon Free Public Library with all proceeds going to these great organization to support ongoing projects. We hope everyone will come in costume because there will be prizes for best costumes, along with a cash bar, punch & snacks and some great DJ music for your dancing pleasure by our very own Bill Moore. Sponsored by, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, National Bank of Middlebury, Omya, Inc., NFP Insurance.
Saturday, October 20, Silent Movie..."Der Golum" (1920)...7:00 PM. Free Will Donation Event. Get ready for Halloween with a very weird flick! It takes place in Poland with a clay creature, called a Golum, created by a rabbi to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. Using sorcery he brings the creature to life but complications ensue. "Der Golum" is basically the Frankenstein story but with a different monster.   Sponsored by, Jan Coolidge, Lucy & Dick rouse, Marc & Aryln Briere, Dorothy Leyseth & Edward Loedding.
Saturday, November 10, "Mile Twelve Bluegrass Band"...7:30 PM. Tickets, Adults...$12.   Seniors &
Students...$10. This five member band from Massachusetts is a fresh, hard driving young band beautifully walking the line between original and traditional bluegrass. Fresh off a tour of Australia and Japan, they write captivating songs and daring instrumentals. "Mile Twelve" is carrying the bluegrass tradition forward with creativity and integrity. Sponsored by, Michael Shank, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Harold & Jean Somerset, William & Christine Gahagan, Heritage Family Credit Union, Pat Hanson, Fran Bull.
Sunday, November 11, No Strings Marionettes present " The Treasurer Hunt"...1:30 PM.
Tickets, Adults...$8. Seniors & Students...$6. Children 5 & under, accompanied by an adult....FREE. All aboard this swashbuckling hunt for treasure, where Jim is lured out to sea in search of adventure and excitement. Little does he realize the unusual experience about to unfold as a massive storm throws him overboard. In no time he meets a young mermaid, a giant clam, a fish that swallows him whole, an electric eel and an angry octopus. Sponsored by, Ferne & Lou Faivre, Nifty Thrifty: Brandon's Favorite Thrift Shop
Saturday, November 17, First Annual Vermont Vocal Competition...7:00 PM. Tickets...Adults...$8
Seniors and Students...$6. Children 12 & under...FREE This will be a great opportunity to hear some of the best up-and-coming operatic artists in the country. Artists will compete for monetary prizes, an audience favorite prize and performance opportunities with BARN OPERA, The Opera Company of Middlebury and Southern Vermont Lyric Theatre.   Sponsored by, Harold & Jean Somerset, William & Christine Gahagan, Compass Music and Arts Foundation and The Friends Of The Brandon Town Hall.
Wednesday, December 5, Brandon's Moonlight Madness...4:00 - 8:00 PM. This well attended event caps off the season with over 20 vendors up and downstairs. This one night only event in the fully heated town hall will have a variety of vendors with lots of great bargains for your holiday shopping. Come in, relax, sit down and enjoy a cup of our famous homemade soup or chili, a hot drink, etc for sale upstairs at our concession area. Interested in renting an 8 x 10 space, e-mail Dennis at or call him at 247-5420.

The Stephanie Stouffer Galleries open at Compass

The Compass Music and Arts Center has been showing the work of Stephanie Stouffer for over two years. The illustrations of the Vermont artist struck a chord with Edna Sutton, the co-managing partner of the arts center. After a chance meeting in 2016, Stouffer showed Sutton some of her original paintings and Sutton was in awe: "I couldn't get over the incredible sense of whimsy, the vivid imagination, and obvious love she puts into each piece." She then proclaimed "we have to exhibit this," and the rest, as they say, is history.
Compass is now the sole agent for Stouffer's original artwork, and also retails some of the commercial products which carry Stouffer's iconic designs. Visitors can browse galleries dedicated to Stouffer's 'everyday' collection and holiday and Christmas collections.
The original gouache paintings Stouffer created on illustration board is what is so special about what visitors will find in the Compass galleries. These small paintings - ranging from 6"x6" to approximately 11"x14" - are affordably priced and demonstrate the true talent of Stouffer. Her designs often depict traditional scenes, including iconic, recognizable symbols, as required by the commercial graphic design world, but it is her knack for turning these 'traditional symbols' into something fresh with her vibrant colors, decorative style and rich imagination that make them so special.
Stouffer is a rare bird in the art industry as a female artist. She is one of the few freelance artists to earn a living and also carve her place as an illustrative and decorative artist. For 35 years her designs were licensed to companies like Caspari, Certified International and Peking Handicrafts, appearing on mugs, tapestries, greeting cards, pillows, rugs, and much more. Viewers of her work often realize they have purchased a Christmas greeting card, trivet, or any particular item in the past, adorning one of her designs.
The Compass Center is open Monday - Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm and is located in Park Village at 333 Jones Dr. Brandon VT, 05733 (Park Village used to be the Brandon Training School, located 1.5 miles north of downtown Brandon off of Arnold District Rd.).

OPERA at-a-glance: the latest exhibit at the Compass Music and Arts Center
  Did you know that opera singers are basically Olympic athletes?
An opera singer has to be able to sustain high notes over a long period of time while using their body to amplify a sound so that it can be heard over a full orchestra and do so without any microphones. Opera singers show us the loudest sounds and the highest pitches the human body can produce. It takes many years before someone can audition to be cast in a professional company. This is one of the facts you can discover by visiting the 'Opera at-a-glance' exhibit in the Compass Music and Arts Center.
The Center is also providing a listening room where visitors can relax and sample different operas and hear the astounding voices of such great opera singers as Luciano Pavarotti and Renée Fleming.
The history of recorded sound is a further strength of the Compass Center as it hosts the Phonograph Rooms. Part of the exhibit will be devoted to how recording helped to popularize opera for all to enjoy.  

The Compass Center is celebrating the world of opera with this exhibit to launch the

 collaboration between the Compass Music and Arts Foundation and BARN OPERA and its founder and artistic director Josh Collier who is an internationally acclaimed opera singer. Th
e Foundation, through the new BARN OPERA venture, is organizing performances of loved operas through 2018 and beyond.

The Compass Music and Arts Center is located in Park Village at 333 Jones Dr. Brandon VT, 05733 (Park Village used to be the Brandon Training School, located 1.5 miles north of   downtown Brandon off Arnold District Rd.). 

Pick up your hard hat!!
Great gifts !!!
Join in the fun, support the Downtown Brandon Alliance and Chamber as they help the businesses prosper through the construction AND win some money and great prizes!!
Stop in the town office and pick up your bright orange hard hat for only $5.00 and be eligible for our monthly $50.00 drawing in Brandon Green!! The drawings will be done throughout the Even BETTER Brandon construction project. We're working on lots of other ideas and functions to make use of your stylish hard hat!
Watch for more info on the super End-of Project prizes!


Month #14 Liz Gregorek-  

Fall 2018 Business Education Series
Brandon Town Hall Downstairs Meeting Room

Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce and Brandon Economic 
Development Office

An Introduction to "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" - "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey is arguably the most important book of the past 25 years. With over 25 million copies sold, it is the most widely read book of its kind in history. Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great," among other books, says, "Covey created a standard operating system ("The 7 Habits...") ...for personal effectiveness, and he made it easy to use." In this presentation, Ross presents a brief overview of "The 7 Habits.." so that attendees can appreciate the power and applicability of this incredible program.
Presented by: Ross Gibson, Director, Client Operations & Consulting, The Richards Group Date/Time: October 16, 2018, 6-7:30 pm

Intro to Using Quickbooks Desktop - Quickbooks can help to keep track of your personal and/or business income and expenses and make your life easier at tax time. Learn about Quickbooks desktop software including setting up accounts, entering and invoicing customers, entering vendors and paying bills, recurring entries, reconciling your bank statement, recording payroll, and options for sending information to your tax preparer. 
Presented by: Sharon L Stearns, Sharon L Stearns CPA PLLC Date/Time: October 23, 2018, 6-7:30 p.m
Cost per session: Free for Brandon Area Chamber Members, $10 for Non-Chamber members ****Pre- Registration is Requested**** Location: Brandon Town Hall (1 Conant Square) - Downstairs Meeting Room
Light Refreshments Provided by: National Bank of Middlebury and Village Spa and Wellness Studio
Registration is online at Town of Brandon Recreation Department website Go to: Click on Departments, Recreation, Click on link for online signup (an link). On the Recreation online page, create an account, (on right) if you do not already have an account, or login, (it will ask for date of birth, residency and emergency contact because these are fields for the recreation department), select family member the registration applies to or add another family member, click on 'Register,' then 'programs or activities,' click 'Business Education Chamber Series,' click 'Business Education Chamber series' again, Classes will appear, click 'sign up' for the class you want to register for, scroll down and answer if you are a chamber member, read and agree to terms and conditions, click 'add to cart,' click 'register' to add more classes, when finished click on 'cart,' and review order, click 'check out' to complete order, enter your name in 'Name on Credit card field' (even if balance due is zero) and you should receive a message that "Registration is complete' with a receipt. You should receive a registration confirmation email. 
Questions: Email: or contact BACC Education Committee Sharon Stearns or call Bernie at Brandon Area Chamber at 247-6401

"Anatomy of a Data Breach"
Friday, October 19 at 10:15 a.m.

Join the Vermont Attorney General's Office for "Anatomy of a Data Breach," a Vermont Tech Jam panel moderated by Attorney General T.J. Donovan on Friday, October 19 at 10:15 a.m. (doors open at 10 a.m.).
Imagine your company has been compromised by a spear phishing attack, or by ransomware. What do you do next? In this workshop, organized by Vermont's Office of the Attorney General, experts go step-by-step through a data breach scenario at a mid-size Vermont company and explain how to respond. Our panelists will be:
  • Jennifer Vander Veer, Cyber Crime Expert, Federal Bureau of Investigation     
  • Jerry Tarrant, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of MyWebGrocer
  • Heather Roszkowski, Chief Information Security Officer, UVM Health Network
  • Jonathan Rajewski, Director, Leahy Center for Digital Investigation at Champlain College
  • Matthew Borick, Attorney, Downs Rachlin & Martin
  • Nick Sherman, Partner, Leonine Public Affairs
  • Mindy Higgins Bero, Insurance Agent, Hickok & Boardman
  • Ryan Kriger, Assistant Attorney General, Vermont Attorney General's Office 
Tickets are free. Find location details and sign up online:
Alexandra Esposito
Consumer Advisor
State of Vermont   Office of the Attorney General   Consumer Assistance Program
109 State Street  Montpelier, VT 05609-1001   Website:
Email:   Phone: (800) 649-2424

Compass Treasure Chest
Open every day!!

We're delighted to announce the Compass Treasure Chest! Run by a group of local residents, the store is a unique co-op consignment shop. They sell and consign collectables, antiques, dishes, tools, furniture, jewelry, stamps, puzzles, books, toys, art items and much more! They will always be looking for more items and of course, always receiving new items, so stop in frequently to see what is new.

For more information or to inquire about consigning with them, contact Annie at 802-558-2663 or email and follow them on Facebook.

Free online tech support!

This is why we love the Brandon area, and the folks who make up our Chamber of Commerce!
Many thanks to Greg Smela of "
Simple Systems of Vermont", a locally owned tech company. Greg will provide free online tech support for BACC members via an online support forum.

How does it work?

Easy! Current BACC members can sign up at You'll be prompted to create an account by entering your name, email address, company/organization name and phone number. Your account will be activated within a few hours and you'll receive instructions at the email address you provide. 

What do you get? Simple... free support. That means, if you have a computer or other tech-related question you can post it in the forum and expect to receive an answer generally within 24 hours (but most likely much sooner). What kind of support is provided? We'll assist with hardware and software support and advice. Are you having a problem deciding on what hardware might work for your business or what software application will do the job? Post away and we'll help you.
What isn't covered: Telephone or email support. We can't answer your individual questions by email or phone as we are a business too and need to earn our keep! We also can't help your Aunt Ida or your friends, kids, pets, etc., but we hope this free service will help you deal with the small problems you may face from day to day.

We ask that you limit participation to one account per BACC membership. We are providing this for current BACC members as a way to help support our wonderful Brandon community.
                    Many thanks Greg!!
Celebrate the good life with Brandon's own award-winning beer and wine.
Brandon's home grown beers and wines!

Foley Brothers Brewing and Neshobe River Winery's tasting barn is open Wednesday through Saturday 11 to 5. Tasting flights, growler fills, bottles, and a country setting await you. Bring your friends or make some new ones here!

Others drive hundreds of miles to enjoy the beer that's right in your back yard! Come visit us today.
And don't forget, you can rent our tasting barn for private parties and special events.
 Follow us on Facebook and don't miss our latest release.
 Now open Sundays 11-4:00 !!
Read a great little review from a Woodstock B&B blog here!
  Foley Brothers Brewing
Neshobe River Winery
Inn At Neshobe River
79 Stone Mill Dam Rd.   247-8002

Check out Little Pressroom                           

Call for Exhibit Proposals at the Compass Music and Arts Center
Compass is seeking innovative work for solo and/or group exhibits from artists working in a variety of media.

Curators and both emerging and established artists are encouraged to apply. Site-specific work/installations will also be considered. This is a rolling open call for exhibits.
  A variety of exhibit spaces are available, giving flexibility to artists for the scope of their vision and needs.
  Further information, including a sample exhibit contract and submission guidelines, can be found at
  Compass is a multi-faceted arts center with many components drawing visitors through its doors, including artist studios, gift shops, a consignment shop, music, a café, and a variety of events. Located in Brandon, Vermont it is also in the heart of a pulsing arts community.
  The Compass Music and Arts Center is located in Park Village at 333 Jones Drive, Brandon VT, 05733 (Park Village used to be the Brandon Training School, located 1.5 miles north of downtown Brandon off Arnold District Rd.).

Studio and Gallery Spaces available to rent now at the Compass Center


Calling all artists in all disciplines! Have you ever dreamed of creating and working in a supportive environment with other artists? A place where there is space for artists to create, display and sell their work, provide classes, meet with colleagues and have access to a café and other amenities.  Compass Music and Arts Center is such a place. For more information and to schedule a visit, call Edna Sutton at 802-247-4295.  Very reasonable rates starting from $170 per month inclusive of all utilities.  Short leases available.
Compass Music and Arts Center 333 Jones Drive, Park Village, Brandon, VT.

Casella Construction is Hiring- 
for many professional and craft positions for the 2018 and 2019 construction seasons.
Positions include a surveyor, construction foreman, heavy equipment mechanic, heavy equipment operators, pipe layers, skilled construction laborers, and general laborers. Casella Construction employees are hard-working, focused on safety, and driven to deliver excellent results. We are motivated by the strength and dedication of our team and by the intrinsic value of spending our days building for the next generation -  we get to see the results of what we do 
every day.
We reward the hard work of our employees with a benefits package that includes competitive pay, health insurance, dental insurance, access to four supplement insurance options, six paid holidays each year, sick pay, and a 401k retirement investment with company match.
To learn more about our open positions and apply, visit or call 802-773-0052. 
Casella Construction, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Get on board the successful Gateways
to Adventure promotion!
You can sponsor a page at any time,
for one full year, for only $25.00
Sponsor ALL eleven pages
for only $200.00  
Gateways to Adventure        Click here for a printable PDF   Sponsorship form


Chamber "dollars"- a refresher course!

Every now and then I think it's important to
remind those of us who have been taking Brandon Green for years, and new businesses that have joined the Chamber, about the process for handling the certificates.
The $5.00 and $25.00 certificates are legal tender and handled just like a check. You take the Brandon Green and give your customer change back, just like cash or a check. Then you deposit the Brandon Green into your account, just like a check. Simple and supportive of all our members.
Click here for more info on our popular Brandon Green

Vermont Association of Chamber Executives
Insurance program offerings for Chamber members.
Although the VACE health insurance program, that many of took advantage of for years, is no longer available, other products still offered through VACE include, Dental and Vision packages.
M ore information on all of these products can be found at
Or contact Holden Financial Services a division of the Richards Group (802) 775-2503 

Next Chamber Meeting-
Monday, October 15th, 2018 will be our next meeting!  
The third Monday of the month.

New directors will be nominated and voted on at this meeting. Nominations from the floor will also be entertained.
The Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will meet at 6:30pm in the Cliver Room at the Stephen A Douglas Birthplace. Chamber membership
and the general public are invited to attend.