Second Permit Weekend

Campers are allowed to leave campus with parent-authorized supervision during the pre-established permit times. Permit times are listed below. Please note that there will be no overnight permits. All times are listed in Eastern Time (one hour ahead of Chicago).

Saturday, July 16
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
(D&B, Naval Band, Troop, Deck 7, and Honor Organizations return from permit at 4:30 PM)

Sunday, July 17
12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

How do I sign my child out?
If a camper is going on permit, the camper must be signed out at their Unit Headquarters (Woodcraft) or Senior Counselor's office (Upper School).

Can my child go on permit with another family?
With proper authorization, your child may leave campus with another family or you have the option of taking your child’s friend on permit.

Authorized adults must be added as "Trusted Contacts" in the CampDoc system prior to permit day. The “Trusted Contacts” link is on the parent’s dashboard in CampDoc, which you can access by logging into your account on the Summer Parent Portal here. Once logged in, select the CampDoc icon. Select Trusted Contacts on the far left under your name. Any person dropping off or picking up a camper, at the start, during, or end of camp, must be added as a “Trusted Contact” in order for the camper to go on permit or leave campus with that person.
If you know your child will be going on permit with another family, please take a moment to update your account. Families will not be able to add authorized adults during permit weekend checkout. 

Important Things to Remember on Permit

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It is imperative that our campers are well fed and properly hydrated during permit time. Please refrain from high-fat greasy foods, soft drinks, and high-sugar processed snacks. 

  • Students may not swim, sail, or participate in any boating or water activity while on permit UNLESS under the immediate supervision of their own parents. 

  • Students with a driver’s license may drive only when accompanied by their own parents.

  • Campers must leave and return in their full dress uniform. When campers are in any public place (restaurants, stores, movies) they need to be in uniform.

  • They must be supervised the entire time while on permit and must be returned to their units no later than the end of permit time. Campers have activities scheduled on campus after permit concludes and need to be back on time.

  • At the end of permit, Woodcrafters should be dropped off at the Woodcraft flagpoles. Parents should remain in their cars. Unit majors will be there to welcome campers back to campus.

  • Upper School students should be picked up and dropped off at unit offices. Counselors will greet you in their unit office to facilitate the permit check-out process. Locations are noted here.

  • Parking will be available at the Schrage Leadership Building, behind the Chapel, at the Henderson Multipurpose parking lot, and off of Academy Road. View the campus map here.

What do I do with my camper on permit? 

While off-campus with your child, you may consider some of the options below:

What can I do when I am not on permit with my camper?
We welcome all parents, family members, and guests to view the Honors Organization Performances at 6:00 PM, followed by the Garrison Parade on Saturday evening at 7:00 PM. Both events take place on the James A. Henderson Parade Field. Parking is available behind Memorial Chapel.

What if my child is not going out on permit? 
Not every child goes out on permit. For those who stay on campus, there will be activities to keep campers busy during weekends at Culver. There will be scheduled times for recreational sailing for Upper School and recreational skating and swimming for all campers along with other activities.

Many of the facilities including the fitness center will be open for campers to use during permit times.
Permit Schedule for 2022
Saturday, July 16 - 12:00 to 5:00 PM (D&B/Naval Band/Troop/Deck 7/Honor Organizations return at 4:30 PM)
Sunday, July 17 - 12:00 to 7:00 PM