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2021 is off to a strong start, with a new sense of confidence that there is light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, with vaccinations rising, and despite renewed surges of the virus in a number of countries. The energy industry has also rebounded quickly this year, with oil prices now back to their pre-Covid levels of Jan 2020.  While it is clear that the energy transition to renewable sources is front and center in the strategies of many nations and all energy multinationals, there is also a realization that oil and gas will need to maintain production levels to satisfy global energy demand for some years to come. Exploration, field development and enhanced recovery programs are being actively pursued, with an eye on improved efficiencies and HSE to be achieved through digital transformation. We cannot emphasize enough the dedication of the many experts from our member companies who volunteer a significant amount of their time to design, implement and validate our data standards. Being built by the industry and for the industry, Energistics data standards provide a foundational element of digital transformation – helping to avoid costly data ambiguities, eliminate data silos and reduce the complexities of managing upstream data. This allows companies to break down data barriers and achieve fully-integrated digital workflows, enabling better-informed decisions and safer processes, which will in turn reduce the environmental impact of E&P operations.

Keep safe!

Ross Philo
Virtual, April 27-28
Virtual, June 8-9
Our CEO Ross Philo will take part in a panel on OSDU at 12:30 GMT on June 8th.
Online, June 14-15
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Professional Society Publications
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OnePetro (SPE)
201309-MS-SPE ATCE 2020
Making Digital Collaboration More Efficient and Reliable With Second Generation Standard Interoperability Protocol

EarthDoc (EAGE)
202030003-EAGE Fibre Optics
Efficiency Improvements for Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data Exchange Streamline Operations and Opens Access to New Uses
202131005-EAGE GeoTech
New Data Transfer Protocol Capabilities Automate Data Streaming Channel Setup and Reduce the Probability of Errors
202011760-EAGE ACE 2020
Cross-Discipline Cloud-Based Platforms Require a Single Version of Truth Across All Data to Deliver Reliable Decisions
202032043-EAGE Digital
Standardized Direct Data Transfers Between Applications Accelerates Workflows and Improves Operational Adoption of Innovative Technologies

Datapages (AAPG)
#42529-Aug. 2019 AAPG ICE
Improving The Reliability Of Reservoir Models Using Diverse Software Workflows
#42408-May 2019 AAPG ACE
Lineage Metadata as a Critical Component of Data Trustworthiness for Subsurface and Analytics Applications
WITSML™ Spring SIG Meeting March 23-26
The virtual event was attended by 40 experts working for 21 member companies. This SIG meeting coincided with our third ILAB of 2021 and included companies testing both WITSML and RESQML with ETP v1.2. At each ILAB, the test scope has expanded, with the focus this time on these protocols: Discovery, Store and StoreNotification, with some testing on ChannelSubscribe and ChannelDataLoad.
For the ensuing WTSML SIG, the main topics covered included validating the final version of ETP v1.2, due for release soon, and discussing the next version of WITSML. The discussions covered the authentication of connecting applications to an ETP server, JSON style guides for Energistics standards, approaches to facilitate the migration from WITSML v1.4.1.1 to v2.x, which includes concurrent operation of both versions, proposals to promote compatibility with the OSDU™ Data Platform, capturing PWLS information and incorporating new IADC codes in WITSML reporting objects.
Members can access the detailed documents and the recordings of the Zoom sessions.
Check our website for more information on progress and on the ETP DevKit (available here).
Contact us for more information about getting involved.
RESQML™ Spring ILAB April 13 - 16
The RESQML Spring ILAB focused on delivery of RESQML v2.2, with the expectation of a release candidate ready for public review and comment in a few months time. The week began with a day devoted to testing ETP v1.2 with RESQML and WITSML. We anticipate ETP v1.2 will be published during Q2.
Drivers for RESQML v2.2 include updates/bug fixes based on v2.0.1 experience as well as support for the OSDU™ Data Platform's Reservoir Domain Data Management Service (rDDMS) initiative. A significant portion of the week was spent discussing issues emerging from the OSDU reservoir initiative, which exemplifies the ability of and need for the Energistics and OSDU communities to collaboratively deliver standards and related services that support the industry.
Click here if you would like more information and to get involved with the RESQML community.
Energistics Support for the OSDU™ Forum
WITSML – our innovative ingesters/parsers allow key WITSML data types to be ingested into the OSDU data store, together with the associated metadata. We worked with all four cloud providers to ensure that these ingesters work within their specific frameworks.
RESQML – we proposed the first external OSDU project as a post-Mercury project to add reservoir data to OSDU. This project utilizes RESQML, the only vendor-neutral format that can handle these complex data types, as the fundamental building block. Our members are actively developing code to add this key functionality to OSDU.
PRODML – is a critical part of the Production project within OSDU, with proven capabilities to convey production volumes, fluid types, well-test data, downhole and surface facilities, production hierarchies, etc. It complements other standards focused on process control.
ETP (Energistics Transfer Protocol) was specifically developed for high-performance real-time data exchange, not just between remote facilities and central monitoring centers, but also to connect applications in real-time.
UOM – Energistics is the custodian of Units of Measure for the industry and has contributed those to OSDU.
Data Quality – although not part of OSDU at present, the Energistics standards include a way to convey data quality through an entire workstream.
PWLS – this mnemonics reference library now available to OSDU covers over 45,000 entries for data channels associated with well-logging services across the industry.
New Members
Visionary SaaS
A software development company with a vision based on experience, cutting edge technologies, ideas and an ability to go beyond the traditional with a clear objective.The focus is on oil and electronic engineering.
Our objectives focus on:
  • Reliable applications and real-time data-management.
  • Modern engineering apps for oil industry.
  • Data management and database technology.
  • Customized solutions.

ADAGA Solutions
Unique well planning software products can enhance the accuracy of well placement, replace gaps in your communication and data transfer processes. A team of geosteerers, geologists, drilling engineers and programmers have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, backed by thousands of successful geosteering projects.

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Energistics is a global, nonprofit, membership organization that serves as the facilitator, custodian and advocate for the development and adoption of open technical data exchange standards in the upstream oil and gas industry. It is uniquely designed to unite upstream industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative facilitation environment.

Energistics members include integrated, independent and national oil companies, oilfield service companies, software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies and the global standards user community.

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