June 9, 2015

Second Reminder - May 31st, 2015 CSSA reporting deadline has now passed

Dear Steward,

The deadline for submitting your report for packaging and printed paper (PPP) programs in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario has now passed and we notice that you have not yet completed submitting one or more of your reports.


If you have already submitted all your report(s) you can disregard this notice.

If you need any assistance submitting your report(s) on the WeRecycle portal or have any questions, please call Steward Services at 1-888-980-9549 or email stewards@cssalliance.ca

  • We would like to remind stewards of the Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba Program (MMSM) that late reporters are subject to reporting penalties and interest as noted in the MMSM Rules and the use of your previous year's report as a proxy for your submission this year.
  • In addition, Ontario Blue Box stewards, who do not report by the deadline, may be subject to Stewardship Ontario using your previous year's report to populate your submission for this year, and may be subject to an additional percentage increase as noted in the Blue Box Rules. Please note stewards will still be required to submit actual quantities where proxy reports are used.
  • Please also note that stewards participating in the Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) program were still required to submit a report for 2015 by the May 31st deadline unless your organization generates under $5M in revenues or less than 5 tonnes of WPP. 
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,


Steward Services