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The DC STCoP June meeting focused on DC Interagency Secondary Transition State Plan 2022-2023. Participants reviewed DC's draft state plan and engaged in a Jamboard discussion to identify the College and Career Readiness (CCR) needs of students with disabilities, their families and LEAs.


PowerPoint Presentation Slide Deck

In-Person CCR Events for DC Students with Disabilities Jamboard Activity

In-Person CCR Events for Families of DC Students with Disabilities Jamboard Activity

In-Person CCR Events for LEAs Serving DC Students with Disabilities Jamboard Activity

Employment First Summit PowerPoint Presentation

For Summit questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Kevin Wright at kevin.wright@dc.gov.

DC Secondary Transition Community of Practice Website

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Save the Date: DC's Employment First 2022 Summit

Achieving Employment Outcomes: Partnering for Change – The Next 10 Years of Employment First

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, 901 G Street NW, Washington, DC 

October 20-21, 2022

This two-day event will welcome individuals with disabilities, their families, educators, researchers, service providers, employers, policymakers, and others involved in supporting people with disabilities. To ensure that this event offers a wide array of content relevant to employment needs, best practices, skill development and innovation, we are seeking your ideas, insight, and experiences through a Call for Presentations

Department on Disability Services' World Café

DDS will be hosting a World Café toward the end of July. The theme will be "Creating Pathways to Opportunities: Employment for All." We will be inviting a broad range of public and community stakeholders, including people with disabilities and their families -- and hopefully including some of you. This will be a final activity for DC's Partnerships in Employment Grant, DC Learners and Earners to support the sustainability of our joint efforts and provide guidance to enable us to move forward together. If this is something in which you'd like to participate, please let me (Rebecca Salon) know at rebecca.salon@dc.gov. We will not be able to include everyone, since space is limited and we want broad representation.

College Living Experience Students Seeking Summer Jobs/Internships 

We still have some students looking for summer jobs/internships. If you have or know of any opportunities, we'd love to help our students apply. Thanks so much for your consideration! Carmen Izurieta, Cizurieta@Experience.


Please contact Chelsea Kovacs, Secondary Transition Manager, at chelsea.kovacs@schooltalkdc.org.

Mission Statement

The DC Secondary Transition Community of Practice supports DC youth with disabilities as they transition into a self-directed life. We are a city-wide, cross section of stakeholders who come together to strengthen our individual and collective ability for action.

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