Secret Sauce of Good Companies
What makes a “good company” in the eyes of investors and employees?

Here at McBassi, we have the data to answer that question! (You know how we love analytics.)

Hundreds of folks from around the world have been taking our quick (12 question) “ Good Company Assessment .” The assessment collects respondents’ views on the behaviors of a company they know well (for example, as an employee, investor, or customer). Together, these behaviors paint a picture of each company as a seller, an employer, and a steward (of communities and the environment). 

In addition, we ask the respondent what “grade” (from A to F) they would assign to the company’s behavior overall. 

We did a statistical analysis of the primary determinant of whether respondents conclude that a company is a good company, a so-so company, or a bad company.  We found that respondents’ overall grades of the “goodness” of a company are determined first and foremost by whether the company is genuinely concerned about the well-being of its employees and acts accordingly.  This is true for assessments from both employees and investors.

In other words, it is almost impossible to be a good company without also being a good employer. And, probably not surprisingly, these same behaviors spill over into companies’ scores as sellers and stewards as well. 

Want to See Our Research?
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