March 9, 2017                                                           Vol. 201703
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Commerce Secretary,
N. Kingstown Council Members Get Exclusive Look at Finlays Progress
Gov. Raimondo at Quonset to Announce New Clean Energy Goal for Rhode Island
Quonset Welcomes North Kingstown's New Town Manager, Ralph Mollis
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Commerce Secretary, N. Kingstown Council Members Get Exclusive  Look 
at  Finlays Progress

Left to Right: Nigel McGinn and Steve Olyha of Finlays, 
Sec. Stefan Pryor, QDC's Steven King, 
Richard Welch, Kevin Maloney

Rhode Island's Secretary of Commerce Stefan Pryor and North Kingstown Town Council members Richard Welch and Kevin Maloney toured the construction site of Finlays new global research and development center at Quonset Business Park this week. They were joined by Finlays' CEO Steve Olyha, Finlays' Vice President of Operations Nigel McGinn, and the Quonset Development Corporation's Managing Director, Steven King. 

Finlays is a global leader in the development and distribution of tea and coffee extracts. Construction of the new site began in late December and the project is anticipated to add 73 full-time jobs and increase the state's GDP by $15.3 million.

"Finlays is another example of a globally important company that is planting a flag in Rhode Island -- drawing upon and growing our innovation ecosystem," said Secretary of Commerce Stefan Pryor, who also serves as Chair of the Quonset Development Corporation Board of Directors. "Finlays joins renowned companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GE Digital, Virgin Pulse, and A.T. Cross that are landing and expanding in our state. We're excited to see them grow and today's tour was a great sign of things to come."

Finlays new facility at Quonset will include 93,000 square-feet of building space and will cost approximately $54.3 million investment for construction and fit out. The project is planned to be completed in two phases. The first phase will consist of a 28,800 square-foot global research and development facility and pilot plant. The second phase will see the construction of a 65,000 square-foot full-scale manufacturing and distribution plant.

"Quonset has established itself as a leading engine of economic development in Rhode Island. With nearly 11,000 jobs at more than 200 companies the Quonset Business Park is a true Rhode Island success story. Finlays will add another chapter in that success and we're looking forward to working with them on this exciting project," said Steven J. King, the Managing Director of the QDC.

Gov. Raimondo at Quonset to Announce 
New Clean Energy Goal for Rhode Island
Gov. Gina Raimondo
Quonset Development Corporation is continuing to grow its renewable energy portfolio with a new 400,000 square foot rooftop solar array and a separate land-based array on Davisville Road. Once complete, the green energy projects will produce approximately two million kilowatt hours (kWhrs) of energy (enough to meet the full needs for the QDC).

"At QDC, we are pursuing solar power to meet our growing energy needs," said Steven King, managing director of the QDC. "Renewable energy makes excellent business sense - it saves us money, it is reliable and helps us reduce our carbon footprint."

Governor Raimondo chose to come to Quonset last week to announce a strategic goal to increase the amount of clean energy in the state to 1000 MW by the end of 2020. In 2016, the baseline year for this goal, Rhode Island had approximately 100 megawatts of clean energy. Since then, Rhode Island has become the first and still only state with an operational off-shore wind farm.

"Every step we take toward a clean energy future is a step toward a stronger, more sustainable environment and economy. Our commitment to expand our clean energy portfolio will help lower energy costs, create jobs and protect the beauty of our state for future generations," said Governor Raimondo.

Click here to read more on the Governor's clean energy initiative.   

Quonset Welcomes North Kingstown's 
New Town Manager, Ralph Mollis  
New NK Town Manager 
Ralph Mollis
The Town of North Kingstown recently hired Ralph Mollis to become its next Town Manager. He was sworn in on February 6 and takes over the reins from Thomas Mulligan, North Kingstown's former police chief. Mollis has deep experience in government, most recently serving two terms as Rhode Island's Secretary of State from 2006-2014.

As Quonset's Managing Director Steven King wrote recently, "We recognize that the business park and its more than 200 companies are crucial to economic development and job growth in North Kingstown and Rhode Island. That is why we have worked with the town to realize our shared opportunities and address shared challenges. As one of the state's leading economic engines, Quonset Business Park's presence in North Kingstown is unique, providing great benefits for all."

The QDC looks forward to continuing this positive and productive relationship with North Kingstown's newest town manager. As Mr. Mollis said at his swearing-in ceremony, "we will accomplish many great things."

"We agree with that sentiment and look forward to working with him on continuing to make North Kingstown even stronger," said King.