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"Your career is the treasury of your life" - Joanne Meehl

What’s your favorite weird food on a stick at your local state fair?
Fried Milky Ways, or fried Twinkies? Tacos on a stick? Or bacon dipped in chocolate?

The last isn’t on a stick but is my annual favorite! What’s yours?

Enjoy the rest of summer, taking some time to check your settings on LinkedIn so that recruiters find you.

To find those fried tacos on a stick (below, photo courtesy Minnesota State Fair), go to the State Fair International pavilion! Where’s your state fair?
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"If you’ve done a good job with your profile on LinkedIn, we’ll find you"
Make sure your settings get recruiters to find you
Kurt Rakos of SkyWater Search , an Executive Recruiter friend of mine and a founding partner of this largest recruiting firm in the upper midwestern US, recently caught me up on how recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates.

First, an illustration: Kurt told me he was doing a search for a specific open position they had. The search turned up 500 candidates, simply too many to go through manually in any quick way. So he asked his assistant to "just give me those who’ve indicated they are open to talking to recruiters". 

There were 75. So that’s the "database" Kurt worked with, not all 500. His competition does the same thing, he told me. 

In short, those candidates, by alerting recruiters on LinkedIn that they were willing to be contacted, self-selected themselves IN to Kurt’s search. 

So be sure you’ve turned ON the settings that alert recruiters that you’re looking.

SkyWater is a firm of about 30 recruiters and they pay a lot to LinkedIn because it works for them. Many recruiting firms no longer fully maintain an internal database of resumes because it takes longer to search it than it does to search profiles on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s powerful search tools are critical to recruiters today.

Email won’t help you much. In today’s speeded-up searches, minutes count for recruiters competing for great candidates. So emailing your resume today to a recruiter when there’s no opening they are eager to fill, is often an empty exercise. As Kurt says to my clients and groups, “If you’ve done a good job on LinkedIn, we’ll find you there ”.

Thank you, Kurt! SkyWater Search can be found here .

In one hour, Joanne can tell you what to do with your LinkedIn profile that will catch the attention of recruiters.

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This month’s Tip from Joanne:
Use a tagline in your job search
You may have heard about something in job search called a tagline . It comes from what companies (usually) do to establish their brand, what they’re most known for, what makes them unique.

For you, it would quickly describe the value you bring in terms of saving or making money and/or saving or making time and/or solving problems.

They should be unique to you, as they are to each candidate. Your tagline should be about what you stand for, on the job. And what you’re known for, on the job. Use vivid descriptive words.

Use your tagline near the top of page 1 of your resume, and as you introduce yourself at networking meetings; it’s a memorable statement about yourself.

Here are some examples from real people.
Note: these are already taken! Yours should be unique to you.

Mechanical Engineer: Shortening the time it takes to get new products to market

Sales Engineer: The Geek Who Can Speak

Concierge: A Walking Database of City Activities for Guests

VP Operations: Fixing Processes Through Managing People
Thought for the Month

We are notes in this beautiful concert of existence. If we don’t play ourselves, nobody will.

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