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October 2016
Illustrated Patient Stories

  I hope everyone had a fantastic summer!  We're into October, so warm weather is on its way ;)!   Please read on for tips and tricks, and other practice news.
  I am adding actual data to the newsletter to give readers a snapshot of some of the results from my stress measurement with acupuncture project. 
 Election coming up and California is taking on Big Pharma with Prop 61!
Amsterdam City Sights: Black Houses

Fitness and Health
1. In the (lengthy) book, "How Not to Die", the author gives verified dietary and supplement suggestions for hypertension.  The medications for hypertension can have troubling side effects, so please pass this info on. Some of the suggestions are flax seed and hibiscus tea for example.
  2. This is no surprise to me, but a Danish study of over 1 million women confirms that hormonal contraceptives can lead to depression.  The Mirena IUD increases risk 300%.  IUD's  without hormones are safe and effective and used routinely all over the world.  

She makes it look easy!

3.  Some "simple" yoga poses for back pain that so many people have now due to sitting ! 
Yelp Reviews, Thanks!
Ancient Medicine Made Modern
New Yelp Reviews: Back Pain, Migraine, PMS

Migraine:  "...Flash forward three months, and I have not had *a single migraine* since we began treatment.   It feels like a miracle, but it's not-it's Dr. Sparrow's treatments.  Her insight and knowledge of migraines far exceeds anything I have experienced with western medical doctors..."
Back Pain: "...After the first set of visits, I had some improvement and after several weeks my pain was GONE!  I am happy to report that was almost two years ago. So Dr. Kristen Sparrow, THANK YOU for enabling me to enjoy this beautiful day PAIN FREE! XO!
PMS:  "I sought out Dr. Sparrow's practice for help with my PMS/menopausal symptoms.
The acupuncture definitely helps! Dr. Sparrow addresses my issues each month, as needed..."

. Yelp Here
Quantified Self and You
The Quantified Self and You
I've added a page to my Website concerning "the quantified self."  Once I learned about the movement, I realized that my project in correlating stress levels with acupuncture treatment fits right in with this movement.  What I measure, HRV, is one of the features of many wearables, like FitBit. 
Acupuncture Research News
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), an arm of the National Institute of Health (NIH),  has published a new strategy.  The parts that are of great interest to me and where my research may be useful are the following
Migraine Treatment
Text of my recent submission to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concerning   Managing Migraine Headache in the Acupuncture Clinic. In the submission, I cover not only acupuncture (of course!) but other aspects of treatment, such as sleep aids etc... 

"Illustrated" Patient Stories

This data represents some of the data collected over months to years.  This long term stress response data is quite hard to get!  Correlation does not equal causation, meaning that the acupuncture may just be incidental to the stress reduction, but it is still provocative. To show reduced stress over time would be a game changer since less stress leads to more resiliency, better health, sleep and mood. Ideally we would want to get these results in a few visits, that's what the project is all about, faster more effective treatment, but even over months this result is incredibly positive. 


60+ year old (Do.Al) with disabling neuropathy in the feet and depression due to it.  Neuropathy under control and she's working more than full time. Lots of "noise" in the data, but clear upward trend, which with this type of data means less stress, more resilience.



60+ year old (Ne.Be)  with 3/week migraines, no migraine free for 3 months. He improved within 3 months, but continued coming and it paid off since now they are rare to nonexistent.

This is Complexity HRV data that decreases when stress decreases. The black line is a moving average, which shows the complexity in general over time, a 30% decrease.


40+ year old (Hi.Me.)with Multiple Sclerosis who comes in for acupuncture for stress reduction to optimize her MS course.


 40+ year old (Ma.Ke.) with allergic esophagitis and severe anxiety.  Anxiety, though still present at times, is no longer disabling and symptoms from esophagitis improved also.

70+ year old with intention tremor, decreased within 3 months, now rare and very mild.

Hope to see you soon.  As always, more at the blog.  Live well and be well!

With warm greetings,


Dr. Kristen Sparrow

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