Is Northeast Ohio A Cyber Security Risk?
The answer to this question is, “Yes.”— Just like other regions of the country, Northeast Ohio is a cybersecurity risk.

Why? — Because, in the last few years, sophisticated cybersecurity threats have grown at an explosive rate. Simple software solutions no longer work. Cyber attacks have evolved beyond the attacks of the past, and cybercriminals continue to succeed against tools like off-the-shelf anti-virus software.
Don’t go it alone. Get help from an IT expert who knows how to:
  • Protect your clients’ confidential information.
  • Support both your Security & Compliance efforts.
  • Set up your mobile devices correctly so your business information is properly safeguarded.
  • Protect your technology from malicious attacks in the form of viruses, malware, and Trojan horses.
  • Block intruders who want to gain access to your vital network resources and data by assuming the identity of an authorized user.
  • Prevent fraudulent activities from affecting your network, and identity theft where a cybercriminal uses a stolen identity to obtain goods or services.