Security Advisory


This notification is regarding an upcoming SSL Digital Certificate update  used to guarantee encrypted transmission. This includes all HTTPS connections to the below-mentioned URLs. The certificate authority and certificate chain will change from Thawte to Thawte/DigiCertâ„¢.

Integrations/UAT systems &
are scheduled for February 19th, 2018 at 6 am EST.

Production systems ( & will be  updated on March 5th, 2018 at 6 am EST

If you use web services, please be aware of the changes described below. PayGuardian users are not affected.
The new SSL certificate will be implemented as described above for Integrations/UAT systems on Monday, February 19th and production systems on Monday, March 5th,  2018.   After that time, one of these scenarios could occur when your system attempts to connect to one of the BridgePay Gateway sites: 
  1. Your browser or software will automatically accept the new certificate without service interruption.
  2. Your browser or software will not accept the new certificate. Close your browser and log in again. Your application (or process in Task Manager) may need to be restarted. You may require a manual install of the root and intermediate certificates to your machine's certificate store. Please contact Gateway Support if you have any issues.
For your convenience, the new Certificate Authority (CA) certificates for the web services URLs may be downloaded here:
You can also download the root and intermediate certs separately from here:
Download the root certificates from Digicert. SHA-2 Intermediate CAs (under SHA-2 Root)
Should I download SHA-1 or SHA-2 certificates?
Download the SHA-2 Certificates
How do I know if my system needs the new certificates?
Contact your local IT department or system integrator.

Thank you,
Gateway Support