Small business owners see the cloud as a tool for increasing revenue, improving operational efficiency, providing scalability to support growth and new business models, and dialing capacity up and down as needs change.
Yet, according to SCORE, small businesses may hesitate to go full speed with cloud technologies such as Amazon Cloud (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), and Microsoft Azure due to security concerns. What can small business owners do to manage and control the security risks in the cloud?
On Tuesday, July 13 at 10 am, this SCORE Webinar will help you:
·        Get a general introduction about cloud computing.
·        Understand the scope of security controls in the cloud.
·        Obtain a couple of tools to manage the security risks in the cloud.
·        Using Amazon and Google cloud technologies as examples, see how your own IT staff can assess and control the security risks in the cloud.

Register today at this LINK.