Every person will sit under their vine and under their fig tree 
and not be afraid.
(Micah 4:4)
Security Seminars
Save the Dates

Synagogue Council, CJP, and ADL have organized a security seminar program, offered at three different times and locations.

Please look for our next bulletin with final details and registration info. 
Content and Substance

The seminars will be led primarily by Jeremy Yamin, CJP's Assoc. VP of Security and Operations. Representatives from the ADL and law enforcement will participate as well. Topics will include security overview, basic principles, threat assessment, active shooter, equipment, technology, and available resources. We will also consider how the pragmatics of safety and security fit within a congregation's culture. There will be time for informal interactions following the presentation. Food and drinks will be provided.

Days, Times, and Locations

1. Wednesday, November 28th 7-9pm
    Near West Suburbs, Location TBD

2. Thursday, November 29th 12:30-2:30pm
    North Shore, Location TBD

3. Friday, December 7th 9-11am
    CJP Kraft Conference Center, 126 High St.        Boston

Plans for a South Area offering are in process for early January 2019.

617-244-6506 | info@synagoguecouncil.org