Security Solutions News - November 15, 2019
Security Solutions News 
Extend smart video security with the IP 3000i cameras
Bosch introduces another industry first with the all-new range of IP 3000i cameras. The portfolio includes a range of four form factors that offer high quality, 24/7 performance with reliable surveillance features.

Bosch and Genetec: Stratocast integration
Bosch IP cameras are now integrated with the Genetec Stratocast cloud-based video monitoring solution that lets users view live and recorded video from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Combine Bosch cameras equipped with intelligence and Genetec Stratocast to see every detail, everywhere.
Ensuring rider safety with Video Analytics
Misano World Circuit in Italy is one of the world’s most famous racetracks for motorcycle racing. To safeguard the entire track with its 16 sharp turns, the Misano World Circuit installed 20 DINION IP starlight 6000i cameras at strategic locations. The IP cameras capture high-definition video of the fast-paced races in a special 60-frames-per-second mode.
Bosch motion detectors: Excellent catch performance
Bosch motion detectors are designed to ensure reliable catch performance and false alarm immunity in commercial applications. They feature First Step Processing for an instant response to intruders, dynamic temperature compensation to adjust sensitivity intelligently, and Cloak and Camouflage Detection Technology to maximize catch performance against intruders attempting to cover their infrared signal.
GIT Award 2020 for AVIOTEC
AVIOTEC is the winner in Category B Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety for the GIT Security Award 2020. This video-based fire detection solution is the perfect answer for industrial, transportation, warehousing and utility applications, as it minimizes detection time with low false alarm rates in these environments.
Commercial audio for retail
A quality music and voice announcement system that can be heard loud and clear in different sections of a retail store is essential to set the right mood for shopping. In a busy store with different sections, this can be challenging, but not for the PLENA matrix. Our public address experts can help you design a system that hits exactly the right note for retail and a range of other applications. Get design assistance at
Holiday Hours
Bosch offices will be closed on Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29, 2019. We will re-open on Monday, December 2. Please consider this schedule when planning your orders.
GV4 Control Panel replacements

The D7412GV4 and D9412GV4 control panels will be replaced by the B8512G and B9512G panels at the end of this year. The new panels enable integrated security solutions.

IP 4000 and 5000 camera replacements

The NIN-51022, NII-51022, NDN-41012, NDI-41012, NIN-50022, NII-50022, NDN-50022, NDI-50022, NTI-51022, NUC-51022, and NUC-51051 are being replaced by the new IP 3000i cameras.

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