Security Solutions News - October 18, 2019
Security Solutions News 
New Bosch Technical Support App
Get technical information with a tap of your finger. Now, all the support information you need when installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Bosch systems is available in an easy-to-use app. Download the Bosch Technical Support app to quickly search for and access product datasheets, installation manuals, how-to articles, and technical bulletins. Step-by-step troubleshooting guides are also available to help you resolve issues faster.

Bosch and Genetec: RSA Maps
With the deep integration of Bosch Video Analytics in Genetec Security Center, you can follow moving objects on a geographical map with the Restricted Security Area (RSA) surveillance add-on. Bosch cameras with Video Analytics generate information on an object’s location, speed, and trajectory, so you can quickly assess and respond to threats.
Camera Trainer optimizes business efficiencies
Camera Trainer can improve business efficiencies in commercial and industrial warehouses. By setting an occupancy alarm on conveyor belts, it is possible to detect when there are too many boxes on a production line and alert operators with an alarm. This avoids pile-ups that can result in costly downtime, requiring backlogs to be cleared before production can recommence.
Bosch motion detectors: Faster, more accurate installation
Bosch motion detectors are designed with unique features that reduce installation time by as much as 45% compared to models from other manufacturers. These features also cut down on installer errors that can lead to false alarms or missed detection, reducing service calls.
AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 explained in two minutes
Detect a fire before it spreads with video-based fire detection. The AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 camera provides visual detection of fires at their source. The cameras feature on-board Video Analytics that scans areas for fires in real-time, relying on the physical behavior of flames and smoke, such as color, flickering, shape, and illuminance rate.
Commercial audio solutions for education
Each school has unique requirements, but the PAVIRO Public Address System and our portfolio of loudspeakers can meet the specific needs of buildings across a district. PAVIRO is the ideal paging system for education environments and is highly adaptable to enable the school's clock system to trigger chimes and announcements, the fire panel to trigger emergency announcements, and more
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