Security Solutions News - October 21, 2020
Security Solutions News 
Get the latest on the INTEOX open camera platform
The latest edition of INTEOX Edge is now available, sharing new developments in video security software apps, remote device management, and the first MIC products built on the INTEOX open camera platform.

Guards viewing video security monitors
BVMS 10.1 online trainings now available
The BVMS new software and feature introduction online training plan is now available and offers a commercial and technical feature introduction to version 10.1, as well as training on BVMS integration with the Access Management System 3.0. Visit our Training Academy to register for this free training plan.
Easy configuration of Video Analytics
Video Analytics can be set up using Configuration Manager. The intuitive graphical interface guides you through the configuration, using visual examples that can easily be manipulated to tailor the system to your exact needs. Pre-configured default settings are also available for different intrusion, people counting, and transportation applications. 
Integration with STid for touchless access control
The integration of the Access Management System 3.0 with STid’s Mobile ID access solution offers out of the box, touchless access control for keyless entry. Selected readers from STid can be connected to new or existing Bosch Access Management System installations. STid's mobile app is available from the App Store and Google Play.
AVIOTEC firmware version 7.70 optimized for 0 lux and IR illumination
The new AVIOTEC firmware version 7.70 offers early and reliable flame and smoke detection optimized for 0 lux and with infrared illumination. The AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 video-based fire detection system reliably differentiates between false alarm triggers and real fires. It is ideal for industrial facilities, warehouses, transportation sites, and more.
Intelligent retail solutions video
Securing retail stores is demanding. The pressure to ensure the safety of employees and customers, minimize costs, and maximize profits makes it essential to reduce shrink, prevent inventory loss, and efficiently manage a wide variety of risks. With the right smart technology, retail locations can count customers, optimize product displays, investigate incidents quickly, save energy, and even entertain shoppers.
Open air dining experience with enhanced audio solutions
Restaurants are looking for COVID-safe ways to remain open this winter. For many, this challenge requires new tools for building a welcoming environment. Create the right atmosphere with weatherized audio solutions from Bosch. Lightweight wall or roof-mounted loudspeakers and simple control are the key ingredients.
Improved website navigation
Need to know where to go to log in to your Bosch accounts for order tracking, managing hardware and services, activating software, and more? A new MyBosch page on our website provides a consolidated entry point for these tools. Find it using the new MyBosch tab on our homepage.
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