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Although our  previous broadcasts  have largely focused on temperamental ordinances on the local level, security deposit accounting rules are governed by comparatively more static state law. If statutory obligations are not followed, landlords invite liability above and beyond the amount of the security deposit. 

Our latest article  provides a refresher of the statute owners need to rehearse to stay compliant and remove insecurity surrounding security deposits. If you'd rather click and play,  watch our video  that quite literally draws out an overview.

Although owners can make deductions for discrepancies that exceed “normal wear and tear,” this is an ambiguous term not defined by state law. Do not worry – our  Security Deposit Deduction Guide provides greater clarity when making this judgment call. 
Our latest article summarizes cumbersome rules that must be followed.
Our latest doodle

Although our latest video is whimsical, being dragged across the coals in Small Claims Court is anything but. Familiarize yourself with some considerations in the security deposit process.
What is "normal wear and tear" anyway?
We've put together a handy PDF for a contextual framework.
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