March 17, 2022
Meeting Evolving Needs
The ATP Innovations in Testing Conference is only days away and I sincerely look forward to once again gathering in-person to share ideas and experiences! In the meantime, thank you for spending a few minutes with the Buzz. Although we kept this edition short so you can get packing for Orlando, we are very excited about the content in which we highlight two of Alpine’s newer offerings designed to meet the evolving data, reporting, and security needs of testing programs.

Please stop by our booth at the conference to exchange ideas on how, as an industry, we can continue to move forward creating solutions that provide validity evidence to support our assertions and:

  • better mitigate security risks and other threats to validity;
  • better fit the ever-accelerating pace of change and value propositions desired by stakeholder groups, including the engagement expectations of Millennials and Gen-Z; and,
  • better position and apply assessment as a valuable ally in one’s journey as a life-long learner.

Best regards,

Brian Adams
President & CEO of Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.

CertMetrics is Expanding!

Which solution is best for you?

“As we evaluated the certification community's data management needs, we recognized the value in expanding our CertMetrics solution set for test sponsors who don't need a full candidate and credential management solution, but, instead, need an intelligent repository for their exam data... "

Gina Raney, Product Owner, CertMetrics
Alpine Testing Solutions

...Read on to see how we met this challenge.

Alpine's Comprehensive Security Solutions

At Alpine, we support a proactive approach to exam and program security. Our comprehensive security solutions, which combine our psychometric consulting team’s expertise with CertMetrics data management and automation, result in security simplified for those managing credentialing programs. 

“With our updated and expanded security services, we strive to continue serving as a trusted partner by offering support and easing the burden associated with maintaining security in credentialing programs. Our team brings decades of psychometric expertise and security experience along with the automated analyses and actions made possible by CertMetrics. This combination of Alpine’s core competencies results in a solution that includes near real-time security analyses along with automated follow-up actions, all customized to the needs and interests of each program,” shared Tracey Hembry, Product Manager, Assessment Services & Senior Psychometrician.

While many vendors can provide security analyses, Alpine tailors our support to a program’s specific needs to align with risk factors, tolerance levels and programmatic constraints. We begin by consulting with key program stakeholders to discuss policies and procedures related to a program’s security as well as the related and known issues and goals. An Alpine security expert recommends the applicable security analyses, related thresholds and flagging criteria. Alpine works with the client team to identify appropriate actions based on security-related analyses and information. CertMetrics can then automate the security analyses and actions such that they occur upon data import from the test delivery provider.

If you are interested in learning more about Alpine’s security solutions, please contact us. And, if you are attending the Innovations in Testing ATP Conference in Orlando, March 20 – 23, feel free to stop by our booth to chat about this offering, while enjoying a complimentary cappuccino! 

ATP 2022 Innovations in Testing Conference
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Check out the sessions we will be presenting & add them to your agenda here...

Mon, March 21, 2022
FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION: Let’s Talk about the Solution Rather than the Problem: Recommending Changes for Educational Assessment Policy
11:20 am - 12:10 pm
Session Type: Panel Discussion - In-Person
Karen Barton (Edmentum), Kristen Huff (Curriculum Associates), Ye Tong (Pearson VUE), Tracey Hembry (Alpine Testing Solutions)

“Each One, Teach One”: Your Psychometric Questions Answered by a Panel of Psychometricians
3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Session Type: Peas in a Pod – Virtual
Amanda Dainis (Dainis & Company), Keith Wright (The Enrollment Management Association), Brett Foley (Alpine Testing Solutions)

ATP 2022 Live Sponsor Presentation—Alpine Testing Solutions
No News is Good News – The Advantages of Automated Security Monitoring
3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Session Type: Sponsor Session – In-Person
Tracey Hembry, Gina Raney, and Steve Hegerhorst (Alpine Testing Solutions)
Tues, March 22, 2022
Crowdsourced Item Generation: Practical Considerations and Strategies to Harness the Power of Your Credential Holders (and Others!)
10:00 am - 10:50 am
Session Type: Presentation - In-Person
How can you manage the security of your items?
Marco Alves (NVIDIA), Sarah Hughes and Laura Brooks (Alpine Testing Solutions)

Not the Same Ol' Job Analysis - Innovating for an Analysis of Practice
10:00 am - 10:50 am
Session Type: Peas in a Pod - In-Person
Andy McEntyre (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)),
Susan Cooley, Brett Foley and (Alpine Testing Solutions)

Select Your Own Certification Path: A Case Study of Program Design (Part 2)
11:20 am - 12:10 pm
Session Type: Presentation - In-Person
Ken Salchow and Heidi Schreifels (F5 Networks), Jill van den Heuvel (Alpine Testing Solutions)

Your Raters Don’t Always Agree, Now What?: Learn How to Get Tangible Feedback and Identify Ways to Improve.
4:40 pm - 5:30 pm
 Session Type: Presentation – Virtual
Andrew Strait (Google), Zac Henrich (MZD), Tracey Hembry and Corina Owens (Alpine Testing Solutions)


Marco Alves, Technical Certification Lead at NVIDIA, Corina Owens, Director of IT Credentialing and Senior Psychometrician and Laura Brooks, Program Manager presented a webinar on how subject matter expert involvement is critical to maintain strong validity arguments. In this webinar, we explore how NVIDIA and Alpine overcame the challenges of scarce SME resources and an accelerated timeline to market by employing asynchronous and crowdsourced exam development activities.
Click here to view the video.