See How Far
Kindness Goes
Greetings and Håfa Adai,
Happy New Year, StayWell Members!

Everyone could use an extra ounce of kindness in their day, even — perhaps especially — people in your workplace. Here are some ways you can activate kindness at work as we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 19, 2019:

Get to Know a Co-Worker
Create meaningful connections in the workplace by simply getting to know a co-worker. Set aside your mobile devices and engage in conversations that are enriching and inclusive. Live in the moment and pull up a chair next to someone new!

Remind them to StayWell!
As a StayWell member, you have countless ways to stay well and stay energized. Remind your colleagues to take full advantage of the EnjoyLife! Program and wellness benefits as a StayWell member, including Mixxed Fit, Muay Thai, work-site wellness activities, programs from participating wellness partners and a whole lot more.

Kindness on Sticky Notes
Praise and gratitude expressed on a sticky note is one great way to display kindness in the workplace. A simple yet sincere note saying “good job on that insightful presentation” or “Stay well and happy!” will go farther than you may think.

Hold the Door
Gladly open the door for someone while wishing them a productive and successful day. Such an easy way to keep the good vibes flowing and exchange smiles with a colleague!

Exactly one year ago, we revamped our brand with a new, modern logo, a fun and catchy jingle, and, of course, the opening of our two-story, 17,900-square-foot company home in Maite. Amid all this, we also débuted a new slogan – “See how far we’ll go.”
These changes are rooted in 30+ years of StayWell Insurance striving to continually improve our services and provide excellent care for our customers, while also giving back to the community. As we go through this journey together, rest assured that we remain committed to providing the best care possible. Our new look is a testament to our adaptability in a changing world, and our mission to help beyond expectations only grows stronger with each passing day.
American Heart Month
StayWell goes red for American Heart Month! This February we raise awareness for women and heart disease. #GoRed and learn more at about the signs and symptoms and Life’s Simple 7 steps to help reduce your risk.
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