Improving the quality of life for children infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS through enriching programs, unforgettable experiences, and connections to the community.
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On Monday, July 26th, HERO hosted a back-to-school shopping spree for our young ladies at the Free Fab’rik warehouse in Atlanta. This was our first in-person activity since the pandemic! Even though we were all happy to see each other (live) after approximately sixteen months, we made sure to take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. As such, both staff and clients wore masks, observed social distancing guidelines and had their temperatures checked upon arrival at the venue. Free Fab’rik employees were incredibly kind and welcoming to our teens and their parents/guardians, and guided them on their shopping experiences. Each young lady was allowed to pick six items of clothing and two accessories to take home. As an added surprise, parents were permitted to shop, as well! Free Fab’rik staff members happily served as stylists for our group, recommending options and complimenting the ladies on their selections as they tried on various garments before making final choices. Our girls’ fashion tastes run the gamut – from modern and chic to retro and classic – and Free Fab’rik offered items that met with their approval. During a break, the staff convened all participants in their beautiful lounge and facilitated ice breaker activities designed to allow us all to get to know each other better. After an affirmation was read, our ladies finalized their shopping and packed their new outfits and accessories. At the close of the event, our teens and their parents/guardians expressed their sincere gratitude to the Free Fab’rik staff for this amazing opportunity. We extend our deepest gratitude to Free Fab’rik and their employees for helping us deliver yet another ‘unforgettable experience’ for our adolescents in our efforts to help them prepare for successful academic years. 
H.E.R.O. for Children's annual outreach to provide children impacted by HIV/AIDS with school supplies for the upcoming academic year looked a lot different in 2021. Due to the continued pandemic and growing concerns regarding the Delta variant, we made the decision not to convene for our normal, annual event. However, this did not deter us from supporting our kids this year. H.E.R.O. for Children facilitated a drive-up and pick-up event on Saturday, July 31st, 2021 at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur. Parents were able to drive up, and masked H.E.R.O. staff safely loaded backpacks filled with school supplies, along with $25 gift cards to various clothing stores (including DSW, Old Navy, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx), into their vehicles.

H.E.R.O. would like to extend special thanks to the following donors for their in-kind donations in support of our Back-to-School Drive-Up Event 2021:

  • Ross Stores
  • Greer Monin
  • Peace Baptist Church
  • Shelly Tiwari
  • The Joiner Foundation
  • The Vinings Cumberland Rotary Club

We are pleased to have been able to serve 38 children via our 2021 Back-to-School Drive-Up Event, helping to prepare them for a successful academic year! 


H.E.R.O. is openly recruiting volunteer tutors to assist our students in the areas of math, science, social studies, language arts, and reading. We would prefer volunteers who are at least 25 years old, and have prior teaching/tutoring experience. If you are interested, please email our Match and Development Coordinator – Nadia Eliacin – at


The Super HEROes Mentoring Program is a community-based, one-on-one mentoring program serving children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The program provides these children with the opportunity to have a positive role model through a mentor and to strengthen their life skills, self-esteem, communication skills, goal-setting and academic performance.

Volunteer mentors needed to:
  • Spend one-on-one quality time with a child at least twice a month, a minimum of two hours each time (virtually during the pandemic).
  • Participate with the child in a bi-monthly group activity organized and sponsored by H.E.R.O. for Children (virtually during the pandemic).
  • Be a positive role model for the child.
  • Contribute to strengthening the child's self-esteem, social adjustment and life skills.