See IT to Be IT: Pathways to Computer Science Careers

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Million Women Mentors, Infosys Foundation USA, and Learning Blade joined to produce the "See IT to be IT: Pathways to Computer Science Careers" Webinar. Thank you to speakers from Northwest Mutual, Florida's STEM2Hub, and South Carolina's Lugoff-Elgin Middle School.

Here is the recording of the dynamic hour!

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Featured Speakers

"Teachers are a vital voice of influence for girls. The magic that happens in the classroom has an impact on a girl's trajectory, how they see themselves in computer science, and how they are inspired to study it. We need to build up the capability and the confidence of our teachers to bring more of this in the classroom."

Kate Maloney, Executive Director, Infosys Foundation USA

"We know that women are under-represented in computer science. We need to use our voices to play the critical role of encouragement and exposure to getting women and girls into STEM and Computer Science.

Sheila Boyington, Co-Founder & President, Learning Blade, National Chair of Million Women Mentors

"Learning Blade is one of the tools we have been working heavily within our region to get access, so not only during CSEdWeek but all the time, students have access to exploring careers in a way that will help them move towards self-efficacy and interest in these fields.

Kathleen Schofield, Executive Director, Northeast Florida Regional STEM2Hub, Million Women Mentors State Leader, Florida

Lopamudra Mahapatra

Senior Director, Global Alliances and Partner Ecosystem,

Infosys Foundation, USA

Jamie Larson

Lead Program Director and Co-Founder of Women in Tech and WIT Squad,

Northwestern Mutual

Tracy Elmore

STEM Teacher

Lugoff-Elgin Middle School

National Learning Blade Educator of the Year

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