June 19, 2017
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239th Synod Update

Save The Date: November Gathering 

Big Tent Scholarships Available

The Center's New Program Staff 

Knox Presbyterian Church Celebrating 87th Anniversary

Christ Our King Recognized for Community Partnership

Massanetta Bible and Church Music Conference 

Catonsville seeks Part-time Communication's Specialist

PCUSA Recommended Minimums for Church Insurance Coverage 

Leadership Institute/ Union Presbyterian Seminary Summer Courses

Committee and Commission meetings will be held at the Presbytery's office (unless noted otherwise.)

  Cuba Partnership will meet 7-9pm on Wednesday, June 21 at First PC of Howard Co.

CRE Support Team will meet at 2pm on June 22.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry will meet at 3pm on June 23, Catonsville. 

Steering Cabinet will meet at 1pm on Wednesday, June 28.

Commission on Reconciliation will meet 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 28. 

Commission on Spiritual Leader Development will meet 1 pm on Wednesday, July 12.

Praise & Prayer
Several members of the Presbytery have suffered injuries due to accidents, among them: TE David Willerup (Havenwood), who continues to preach from the pulpit despite suffering minor injuries in a car accident; TE Laurel Underwood (Frostburg) , who also returned to the pulpit after injuring her elbow in a fall on a flight of stairs; and, the husband of  TE Merritt Schatz (Grove), who is recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident. 

Please pray for these members of the Presbytery and others who have suffered injury due to unfortunate circumstances.  God Bless you . . . and, please be careful this summer!

See Means Check . . .

by Jacqueline E. Taylor, General Presbyter
     Presbytery of Baltimore 

"See means check", replied Rev. Edelberto Valdez, my counterpart in the El Centro Presbytery in Cuba.  Rather than go straight to my destination congregation, I wanted to "see" the churches where the other members of our Cuba team were staying.  I had to laugh, because I really did want to lay eyes on the other churches in their Presbytery, to greet the members of our partner congregations and to tour more of central Cuba.

But the more I thought about it, the more I had to ask myself, is he right?

Any given Sunday out of the month, I worship with a congregation in the Presbytery of Baltimore.  Each church is unique in its worship, beauty, culture and building.  I have been welcomed warmly, enjoy engaging members at the fellowship hour and have even had the opportunity to stay for programs after worship.  I truly want to "see" my people and to worship God. Is that checking?

I remember when my daughter was younger, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and "check" on her.  It was instinctive even though I perceived no danger or problems.  There was something comforting and connectional about making sure she was fine.  I also felt gratitude for having a beautiful sleeping child.
So....yeah!  Maybe I am checking on you!  I'm checking on your joy, your wellbeing, your excitement about your outreach projects, your faithful choir (big or small).  I'm "checking" on your pastor who brings the good Word week after week and the leadership who keeps things going and, if I am honest with you, whether all the letters are present on your church sign! And I always leave with a tremendous sense of gratitude for being your General Presbyter and having this amazing opportunity to serve our congregations!  Yep!  I'm a checker!

So far, for worship, I have "checked" on:  Ark and Dove, Catonsville, Cherry Hill, Christ Memorial,
Dickey Memorial, Fallston, Frederick, First of Howard County, Good Shepherd, Highland, Kenwood, Lochearn, Mount Hebron, Second, Springfield, St. Andrews, St John United, Towson, Trinity and Woods.  I have also visited a few more for different occasions outside of worship including a tour of the Wild West churches, thanks to Rev. Walt Peters.

See means check!  And I'll be "checking" on you in the future!



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Take Note/Act Now

Presbytery and Church-wide

239th Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Assembly Update:
  • Reviewed Synod presentations on Race & Reconciliation, Young Adult Leadership and New Immigrant Ministrieswww.synatlantic.org
  • Synod portion of Per Capita increased from $.80 to $.85.
  • Terms of Synod Executive and Clerk renewed. 
  • Funding sought for Atlantic American Korean Presbytery leadership. Click here to read report. 


What is your congregation doing to address some of the root causes of racism, classism or poverty? The November presbytery meeting on Saturday, Nov. 11 at Harundale Presbyterian   Church will focus on some of the ways our congregations are addressing these issues and  how your congregation can get involved.  At that Gathering, there will be a room dedicated to displays showcasing the ways our congregations are impacting their communities. Workshops will present some of the models our congregations are using to bring hope and healing to their communities.
We are letting you know about this many months in advance because this can only happen with your help. Would you like to set up a display about a ministry in which your congregation is involved? Is your church addressing root causes of racism, classism or poverty in creative ways that other churches could learn from through a workshop? If so, you can reserve a spot for a display or suggest a workshop topic by contacting Debbie Schmidt: dschmidt@baltimorepresbytery.org. The deadline for workshop submissions is September 15, 2017 and for display space, Oct. 13.

Wanna to Go To Big Tent?  
Scholarships are still available.
Read about The Center's new program staff 


Please join Knox Presbyterian Church in our celebrating our 87th anniversary  beginning at 10:30am on Sunday, July 16.  Our theme is "Transformed and Renewed to Do Great Things in Christ and our speaker is the Rev. Michael L. Moore, Pastor.  A picnic lunch will follow the worship service. Dress is casual. 
At a volunteer appreciation event on June 1, 2017, Christ Our King Presbyterian Church was honored as a Community Partner for serving a significant number of families at Magnolia Elementary School with Giving Boxes of food at Thanksgiving.
Catonsville Presbyterian Church seeks a part-time specialist to help effectively communicate CPC's ministry to its members, friends and the wider community. Responsibilities include managing the church's website and social media sites and developing content, including video and audio assets. The communications specialist will also edit the church's monthly newsletter and create other print media, such as program brochures and event fliers.  Interested? Please contact Ken Kovacs at 410.747.6180 or kkovacs@catonsvillepreb.org .


Come to the Bible Conference/Church Music Conference at Massanetta Springs, July 23-29 celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation... Remembering the Reformation: Reformed, Redeemed, RestoredE nriching worship services and all meals are shared across the two conferences, including a great program for youth. Our own TE Keith Paige will preach and lead several workshops throughout the week! Visit  http://www.massanettasprings.org/conferences/.

Does your Insurance coverage meet the PCUSA Recommended Minimum Standards? For  details, please contact Linda A. Senez, CPCU ( 443.345.1055 office / 410.409.5154 cell) Click here to learn more

The  Leadership Institute at Union Presbyterian Seminary will offer several summer courses that may be of interest to your church leadership.
  • Church Business Administration courses - July 18-27, 2017:  Click here for more information and registration. 
  • Church Business Administration CEU courses - July 22, 2017:  Click here for more information and registration (this is the same information/registration form as Church Business Administration). 
  • Mission Possible: Embracing the Task of Strategic Visioning - October 9-12, 2017Click here for more information and registration. 
  • Pathways to Learning and Leadership: For the course listing and descriptions, and registration, go to Pathways.  
Click here to learn even more . . .

taff Directory

 Jacqueline E. Taylor
General Presbyter

  Deb Milcarek
Assoc. for Reconciliation

Susan Krehbiel
Dir. of Congregational Advocacy
Judi Forrester
Financial Administrator

William Nickels III
 Assoc. General Presbyter

Debbie Ingram Schmidt
Assoc. for Spiritual Leader Development
Deborah Greene  
Dir. of Communications
Laura Mullen
        Book Keeper

Catherine Blacka

Judy Johnson
Ministry Group Staff

 Wanda Morgan
Dir. of Events/Services

Kate Foster Connors 
Dir. of The Center