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New Longarm Digitized Quilting Designs!  
I've been busy since our last email regarding our pattern library. I've been learning our new Innovas™ AutoPilot Mach3™, Art & Stitch™, and QE Pattern Finder™. In addition I have created 100 new longarm designs and 77 Grand Format Embroidery™ designs. On top of that I have translated all 1600 longarm designs into all major longarm formats.
So let's tackle this one item at a time.
Two Half & To Hold
Raggedy Ruth has designed a new wedding quilt in two colors that will be announced before mid-May. I designed the stitching for it in several varieties so that she could have her choice of the patterns to be used in the custom quilting of it.

It is called "Heart ~ Two Half & To Hold Set" [RGS045]. It is a set of 17 designs for $15 on our web-store. It includes corners, squares, hearts, overall, meanders, borders, and triangles. This will allow you to do everything from edge-to-edges projects as well as highly customized with prairie-points.

Grand Format Embroidery™ [GFE] Designs


I believe that one of the greatest uses of Innova's GFE is lettering. In fact we have had two quilts come in where that was a requirement. As such, I created a stitching set for the GFE DST/Tajima format called "Alphabet Script Embroidery Set" [RGS024].


There 66 designs in the set. Twenty-six are capital/upper-case and 26 small/lower-case letters as well as some examples. The letters are designed for the Innova™ GFE system. They come as 2" letters with .2 mm stitching separation, with tails. This allows for connecting the letters to form words within GFE on a straight line, separate lines, or on curves.

If one wants to modify the size of the letters one can do so in Art And Stitch


Over 100 New Digitized Quilt Stitching Designs!


Additionally, there are scores of designs sprinkled throughout all of the design categories! Check out or catalog of designs!


Additional Formats Available!


In the past we have only offered QLI and DXF formats for our longarm digitized quilting designs. When we purchased our Innovas we expanded them to include the PAT designs used by Innova [this differs from the PAT format used by Gammill].


We now offer all of our longarm quilting designs in all major formats. We automatically convert them from Gammill's QLIs using Art And Stitch's QE Pattern Finder.


The patterns we create are listed in the grid.


There is more information available on our web-site!

All offers are subject to change without notice.
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