Issue 26 | August 12, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
It is August and at times you can almost sense the smell of fall weather, but these past few days of extreme heat have made us wish for fall weather. Either way, it is August and soon we will say goodbye to one of the most bizarre seasons we have experienced to date. As our hopes and wishes for our 2020 anniversary for Plymouth fall away and our hope for events to happen again throughout the county dim, we need to start counting the blessings we still have. 

We can still walk on the beaches and trails that have a unique New England beauty. We can delight in ZOOM calls that allow us to see familiar faces and family that make us smile. We can work on home projects we have put off for years and be glad we have the time to complete them. We can support each other with food, friendship, laughter, and empathy.

Knowing that COVID is not going away soon, understanding reality is an important step to sanity. Until we figure this out, how tough is it to be considerate of each other, regardless of our beliefs? We can all still visit places nearby and enjoy local food but keeping a distance and wearing a mask will allow us to continue visiting places nearby and enjoying local food. This is not rocket science. 

While things this year are virtual, we can hope and look forward to enjoying 400th anniversary events in 2021. After all, the first Thanksgiving happened in 1621. Seeing the ship Mayflower glide into Plymouth Harbor this week has given me a renewed sense of calm. It is sure to help us economically and it already has raised our spirits. In the end things will get back to normal.
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