June 10, 2020
COVID Update #17
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
Across the county, it seems like we are all waking from a deep sleep. We are beginning to see more people (social distancing with masks) setting up phase two allowed businesses, walking in public spaces, and gathering in small groups. It is hard to believe we are part of an historic time that has seen disruption to not just our country, but the entire world. 

Speaking of sleep, I have had a hard time of it as I’m sure many of you have. I have been reading books between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. nearly every morning. The fits and starts of sleep can really cut into your productivity when it is not proper sleep. Since I have heard this from so many people, I think it may explain some of the anxiousness and anger many are feeling. As we begin socializing while social distancing, we should all cut each other some slack.

There are positives as well. More time with family, children, pets, and loved ones. A retrospective look at our lives and how we can set a new switch to be happier, more thankful, and rethink who and what we are. It’s a crazy time to be in this world right now, so we all need to take a deep breath and think in positive ways. The word ‘together’ has never been so important. I truly hope handshaking, hugging, and groups will come back. I look forward to seeing as many people as possible as we work through our phases of recovery.

From See Plymouth: We are back in the office but not yet open to the public. That will happen when we hit Governor Baker’s third phase of the reopening. Our MA Visitor Center will open at the same time the McDonald’s opens where we are located. Only the restrooms are open but many people are taking our brochures while inside. We are replenishing them weekly and look forward to opening the counter.

The Waterfront Visitor Center presents more of a challenge. We are ready to reopen but there is a laundry list of items we need addressed by the town of Plymouth beforehand. We are working through those now. Because the building is only 300 square feet total, we will operate at a reduced capacity so that our restrooms can still be open. We hope to open as soon as possible. DCR is telling us the public restrooms on state land will not open until phase four which is a serious problem. We are trying to work with the state to open earlier. More on that next week.

Our information today gives you a roadmap for what’s to come based on a steady timeline of people’s feelings since this has started. Statistics are golden right now because they will help us determine the most cost-effective way to survive. Grab a cup of coffee or your drink of choice and spend some time with our information.
How Travel Will Change (Conde Nast)
Life 360 Poll
Week of May 17 – 23, 2020
Occupancy – 34.0
Down 50.3% 
Average Daily Rate - $95.76
Down 29.4%
RevPar – 32.54
Down 64.9%
Running 28 Day: 
Occupancy – 32.4
Down 54.1%
Average Daily Rate - $96.44
Down 24.5%
RevPar – 31.26
Down 65.4%
Key Findings

  • American travelers’ feelings about their health, financial and travel safety continue to improve 

  • More Americans report they are already traveling or ready to travel 

  • 70 percent will take at least one leisure trip in the remainder of 2020

  • Over three-quarters have a developed sense of where and when their next leisure trip will take place and the majority say there is little chance of cancellation

  • 40 percent say their next road trip will take place this summer  

  • Safety considerations are still important to travelers’ decision-making, from which destination they choose to visit to the hotels they select

  • The majority of American travelers continue to opt for beach, outdoor and rural type experiences for their next leisure trips

  • Younger travelers and travelers in the southern U.S. continue to be most excited to travel in the next month and open to travel inspiration

  • Younger generations are likelier to use a diverse set of social media and digital tools for their trip research, while Baby Boomers are more likely to concentrate their travel research activity on web searches

  • Four out of ten convention/conference travelers say they would be happy to attend a convention in the fall
MOTT Industry Update
Located in Plymouth unless otherwise noted

The A. D. Makepeace Company, Wareham
Alden House Historic Site, Duxbury
Battleship Cove, Fall River
Benjamin Nye Homestead, East Sandwich
Bourne Historical Society, Bourne
Capt. John Boats (whale watching, deep-sea fishing and fast ferry to Provincetown)
Daniel Webster Estate and Heritage Center, Marshfield
Edaville Family Theme Park, Carver
Explore Natural Plymouth
King Richard's Faire, Carver (September & October)
Heritage Museums & Gardens, Sandwich
MA Audubon South Shore Sanctuaries, Duxbury and Marshfield
Middleborough Historical Association & Museum, Middleborough
National Monument to the Forefathers
North & South Rivers Watershed Association, Norwell
Parting Ways Afro-American Site, Kingston
Pilgrim Memorial State Park
Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum, Provincetown
Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth 911 Memorial
Plymouth Cruises
Plymouth Pedicab
Plymouth Rock
South Shore Natural Science Center, Norwell
Spirit of Plymouth Walking Tour
The Steamship Authority, Woods Hole
Water Wizz, Wareham
Application for Plymouth
One Fund Business Grant
FEMA Funding Opportunities
Plymouth Rock mention in
National Lampoon’s European Vacation
Plymouth Rock mention…
(Leonard DeCaprio no less)
Our resident photographer, Ted Curtin, captured some of our partners working hard this week as businesses have begun to reopen after the pandemic.
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