May 6, 2020
COVID Update #10
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
Watching other states begin to open brings mixed feelings. We grapple with how to survive economically and see the need, while wondering if we are causing deaths by forging ahead? The answers to this will soon become apparent as this unprecedented historic event makes more history each day. 

The things that were so important to us first of the year have been replaced by completely different important things. We are watching others and ourselves pivot at a dizzying speed only to have to pivot again with each new bit of information we learn about COVID. 

What hasn’t changed is how close our community is and how we are all reaching out both to assure and be assured. Our members are giving donations, making masks and sanitizers, preparing take-out food, and participating in drive-by celebrations all over Plymouth and Plymouth County. 

See Plymouth is well connected with all things tourism and making plans on marketing our destination to help the economy in our town and county. Once guidelines are out, we will be holding video calls to discuss how we can work together to ready our destination. We will divide them between hotels, restaurants, and attractions. In planning to reopen, the ‘together’ word is especially important because as visitors arrive, if they don’t feel safe, respected, and see cleanliness protocols being practiced, they will not return. 

The further we get through this, the more it is dawning on all of us that things are going to be drastically different going forward. To that end, our articles will attempt insight as you plan. 
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