June 24, 2020
COVID Update #19
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
Our world continues to be uncertain, even as we reopen slowly with caution. So many other states are now seeing unfettered gains in COVID cases and deaths, that there is still no way to know if we will continue our reopening as it has been explained. That said, we will do our best to wear masks, socially distance, and use handwashing hygiene so that we can finally see each other and enjoy one another's company from a distance.

As of tomorrow, you will begin to see Court Street from Chilton to Leyden turn into a one-way street with more space for outside commerce and dining. The set-up now is a work in progress that we will use as a pilot program to either tweak until we know if we want it to become permanent or decide if this should be a one-time situation. An initiative by the Plymouth Recovery Task Force led by Amy Naples, the pilot will be tested until all emergency restrictions concerning COVID-19 have been lifted by the state. Personally, I hope we will see this become seasonally permanent once all the kinks are out, as I believe it will draw business to Court Street as well as create a wonderful outside atmosphere.

I have already experienced outdoor dining on Court Street, and it was both fun, and exhilarating, not to mention we have incredible restaurants here with top notch food. Now that retail has begun to appear on the sidewalks, I have seen more people meandering along Court Street to shop. Other towns are experimenting with outdoor dining throughout Plymouth County and it should help both business and the tourism industry.

In the past week, I participated in a national initiative by U. S. Travel Association to do virtual meetings with our U. S. Capitol Hill legislators. I was on a call with Representative William Keating as well as an aide with Senator Markey’s office. Both demonstrate great support for the travel industry. I received a reply from a letter to Senator Warren expressing the work being done to include 501(c)6 organizations in the Paycheck Protection Program.
Destination Analytics weekly webinar gave us these takeaways for this week, but for the first time in two months, traveler confidence in traveling has gone down, most likely because of recent news about so many states with runaway COVID numbers.
Other takeaways included this but most of us already know this, I believe…
Beginning in July, you will also see ads for Plymouth as we restart tourism in this area. It is important to let the region know that we are a viable and safe possibility to get away now that the reopening is occurring.
Our Visitor Centers are opening!
Supervisor Ted Curtain is opening Route 3, Exit 5 this weekend and Supervisor Jack Girard is opening the Waterfront Visitor Center on July 1. 

You will see information below about the dismal prospects for international travel over the next few years, which has helped form our decision not to market internationally (except maybe Canada) for the next few years. When I began my job, after studying our international visitation here, I came to the conclusion that most of it was day-tripping from Boston without a hotel stay. I had already determined that in future unless we could create visitation with an itinerary to stay in Plymouth, that we would cut our budget in that area. As international visitation begins to come back, probably in 2023, we will revisit our marketing possibilities then.
JetBlue is adding thirty new domestic flights to smaller markets as a way to help families reconnect. I would expect other airlines to follow as we see mostly domestic tourism over the next year or two.
Last, today, another reference to our history on a rerun of The Nanny
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