Issue 30 | September 9, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
This past weekend brought hope and revenue to the majority of our town and county of Plymouth businesses. Many Plymouth hotels had a sold-out weekend with families in search of open space for the Labor Day holiday. Restaurants, also, are reporting the highest sales since the pandemic began. 

Most people seemed to be trying to social distance this past weekend although it was hard due to the number of people visiting. Masks were worn by most, with people making a wide berth away from those without. It seems we are in the for the long haul with COVID as we get ready for winter. It will be a winter of firsts like the rest of 2020 as we negotiate how to survive around a deadly pandemic. 

More good news…Massachusetts has continued on a steady path over the last several days for fewer than 1% of virus cases in the state. Each week, more states are cleared to visit, but a vaccine is the answer to a return to normalcy. Fingers crossed that our trends stay the same as we head into a second surge in the fall and winter.

This week’s update is a shorter one, due to the Labor Day holiday. I hope yours went well!
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