Issue 27 | August 19, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
As the summer wears on and we overheat from wearing our masks, this virus is just becoming annoying. I especially feel for Moms I see who are patiently pulling the masks back up on small children. Who am I and how did I get here?!? That is something we are all asking ourselves during 2020. 

If I had to choose one thing that is a positive from this horror show, it would be that I have more time to think. While we cannot wait to see friends and family in person and travel again, the extra time doing Zoom meetings, instead of physically running around, has afforded all of us more time. In the evenings, I have had the luxury of reading more books, of doing projects I have been putting off, and like I said, just thinking. 

Thinking is something of which none of us do enough. Sitting quietly can bring thoughts we normally don’t notice as we hurriedly go about the day. I’ve learned that by thinking with no interruptions, I am finding solutions and solving questions more quickly. I hope this is happening to you as well. After all, we have to figure out at least one thing that is good about this pandemic.

Business is starting to pick up across the county and town, although we are still only at about 40% of normal commerce. It’s not optimal, but it’s something. With luck, a vaccine will soon be found, and we can be on our way to a new normal that, I have the feeling, will still include some mask wearing and monitoring of health scares ahead. 

Use some of that thinking time to read the choices below that will keep you informed and curious and (spoiler alert) the “Look Up” video below will REALLY make you think. 

This Saturday, I will have a guest column about tourism in the Old Colony Memorial. Here is a sneak preview:
Hotels will be Different…
If you are thinking about skipping your vacation,
perhaps you should reconsider. 
Welcome to Our Newest Member
Ally Charter Bus is a go-to group transportation provider in the Northeast. They provide private charter bus rentals that can accommodate any kind of group to any destination. Contact 617.202.9113 for reservation information.
U.S. Travel Association Update and Initiatives
A group of organizations have come together to address the extreme declines in travel related to the coronavirus pandemic, first by championing safety-first messaging through the #TravelConfidently campaign, and subsequently, by forging a plan to reignite American’s sense of wanderlust and inspire them to plan their next getaway, whenever the time is right to travel. The coalition is supported in executing its activities by the U.S. Travel Association.
The Latest Plymouth, MA Town Manager’s Report:
Talk about thinking…this will really make you think
And because you have to find the humor...
You Know You're a True Massachusetts Native When...
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