Issue 28 | August 26, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
This week has been, well, depressing. It’s time to dial it down. I realized yesterday that between COVID, the dire straits of our local businesses, the two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, the fires in California, the shooting in Wisconsin and the two presidential conventions that I am beyond anxious and overwrought. I imagine you are as well. 

What I am telling myself is that throughout history, there has been just as much craziness and uncertainty. We are here today, which tells me that those before us dealt with it and life continued. We must steel ourselves to do the same.

While profits are uncertain for our businesses and the direction of the pandemic is not known, to survive this we have to put one foot in front of the other each day and keep on keeping on. In my lifetime, as I’m sure it has been in yours, my personal economic situation has gone up and it has gone down. I learned that while it was down, I still laughed, I still found less expensive things to do and cheaper trips to take. I still experienced joy and sadness. I did spend more hours working and looking for more revenue streams, just as I am doing now for See Plymouth.

Advertising will change its face many times throughout this journey. Kentucky Fried Chicken, for example, is removing it’s “finger licking good” slogan in the U.S. because we should not be licking our fingers right now. They say the slogan will return after COVID. Lipstick sales are down over 32% because, “Who wears lipstick under a mask?” And so it goes…

A bright spot in all this is the continuing conversations with all of you as we make history together. In today’s choices below, new stats to keep you up to date, our latest Visitor Information report from Jack Girard, wine windows from the past, learning from a Roomba, and a complete escape in an article about stars that sneeze.
We have lost a true friend who dedicated her life to promoting tourism in Plymouth. See Plymouth’s Paula Fisher writes about her dear friend, Marianne Garvey.
Marianne Garvey, former Director of Sales for Pilgrim Sands Hotel on Long Beach has passed away after being diagnosed with cancer eight months ago. 
Marianne was a staunch supporter of Plymouth and worked tirelessly to make connections with any and all who had the ability to find Plymouth and Plymouth County a destination that would suit their vacation desires. Her bubbling personality was just one of her memorable traits. Marianne was one of the founding members of the Plymouth County Group Travel Committee in 2006 and chaired the committee for three years. Her attention to detail in marketing our destination was unparalleled as was her energy at the many travel trade shows she attended for two decades. 

She will be very sorely missed by so many of us in the industry. Our hearts go out to her husband Ron and her adored and adoring cats.
Plymouth Board of Selectmen approve
$50 fine for not wearing a mask

Hotel Stats
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Year over year, MA July declines are
much less than June declines

Our See Plymouth Visitor Information Center on the waterfront is a font of information. It’s like a trip to the water cooler. For your reading pleasure…
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