June 17, 2020
COVID Update #18
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
The scale continues to go back and forth as we try to weigh the virus against the economic damage occurring in our lives. Now that the reopening in MA is happening, it is going to be hard to go back should a resurgence occur. 

The consensus right now seems to be that our best protection to dealing with COVID is going to be wearing masks, and of course social distancing is also important, but no matter where I go, it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Proper hygiene wherever you go is being practiced so the least we can do is wear our mask no matter how uncomfortable or hot it is.
Lots to share this week. Plymouth County has been named by Fishingbooker.com as one of the top destinations near Boston to fish, a great way for us to market our outdoor offerings.

See Plymouth is beginning to distribute new guidebooks to our members who have asked for them, so let us know if you need them. 
We are readying the See Plymouth Waterfront Visitor Center to open on July 1, and it looks like we have figured out a way to keep our bathrooms open. Supervisor Jack Girard is checking out our plans with the board of health to be sure.

We will open the Route 3, Exit 5 MA Visitor Center when McDonald’s opens. Left is a photo taken by Supervisor Ted Curtin of our new plexiglass screens there.
Tricia Ellis is busy adding content and photos to our newly designed website that is going live sometime in July. She is also mailing out the many guidebooks that have been requested during the COVID shutdown.

We are spending the remainder of our funding on advertising and marketing that you will begin to see in July, including a USA Today ad, right, that we are finalizing this week. A lot of it will go toward 2021 since we are not anticipating we will have much to spend next year with all the cutbacks. Paula Fisher, Claire MacPherson and I are busy getting the best deals possible. 

John Joyce has already begun working on the figures for our next MOTT application while finishing up the PCDC fiscal year. Georgia has done double duty between keeping the Destination Plymouth books while ordering all the new PPE supplies we need for the office and the visitor centers. 

Don’t miss the joint board meeting at 9:00 a.m. on June 25, 2020. You will receive Zoom instructions for joining the meeting. We will have much to share with you, including where we are advertising, what we are doing statewide and regionally to promote our destination. 

The following is bound to catch your eye this week. We begin with the latest travel intel from Destination Analysts. The hourlong updates each week are well worth watching. It begins with an open letter from black travel industry leaders to colleagues and the world. You will also find new, and a bit scary, information about COVID, advice about your dog, and a mind-boggling three-minute Rube Goldberg machine experience to take your mind off your troubles.

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