Issue 29 | September 2, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
As milder weather descends upon us, and the humidity abates, it is easier to be positive about our future. The light blue skies, azure blue water, and sunshine we have been experiencing are bringing more people to Plymouth. They are mostly local, our visitor center folks tell us, and many more are wearing masks. This past weekend we welcomed 200 visitors at the center, a smaller than usual summer, but the largest number stopping by this year. Appreciate the small victories and one day we’ll see large ones.
As I have told you in recent updates, so
we stay top of mind, See Plymouth is advertising the town and county of Plymouth through a number of mediums.
In addition to all the ads we are placing on our own, we are participating in a statewide and national campaign.
Our billboards posted along with all the Regional Tourism Councils will continue running through September and will enhance the new state campaign.
The new My Local campaign is a statewide effort created by the MA Office of Travel & Tourism. We will join with all other Regional Tourism Councils encouraging everyone to shop local.
The U.S. Travel Association is doing a campaign called Let’s Go There. By
joining with their efforts, our area will receive a much broader reach than possible on our own.
Local tourism has taken a huge hit during COVID, bringing only about 40% of what was expected in a normal year and as you all know, this is 2020 when we expected over double the visitors we usually see. We are facing a three to five year climb back and everything we can do to help the small businesses that rely on tourism (the #1 industry in the town and county) we will do. We are, and always will be, here for you!

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