Issue 31 | September 17, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
As you can see, we have tired of writing the word, COVID, so this communication is becoming our official See Plymouth News e-blast. In future we will most likely send it once a month, but while we are still grappling with the pandemic, we will continue our weekly version. Who would have thought we would be wearing masks this long? The only comfort in this is the cooler weather that makes them less confining. There is comfort as well, knowing we are protecting others and ourselves.

For the second time this year, Plymouth Rock was defaced. The first time, it made news internationally. This time, between the fires, the hurricanes, the flooding, and politics, we hardly got a mention. I would ask how much worse it could get but I won’t. I am too superstitious for that.

While we are still experiencing visitor numbers at about half of what we should, our advertising is having an effect. Between phone calls to our office, people walking into the visitor centers and sharing why they came, looking at our statistics and metrics subscriptions, and looking at state numbers, we know that our ads have made a difference. Hopefully funding will hold steady so we can continue promoting our destination and drawing people here.

Our first article today is a story placed by Rich Warren, a journalist we brought in for a familiarization (fam) trip. This story, on is one of several stories he placed. He is a great example of why going after earned media is even more important than advertising. For starters it is worth more because people believe travel journalists more than advertising. He really knocked it out of the park with his coverage of Plymouth. 

This week’s articles are worth the time. We have stories on Plymouth, ads we have placed, updates on the tourism industry, and our famous See Plymouth Waterfront Visitor Center report. We even have a cat video! Top Ten Things to Do in Plymouth, MA 
Journalist Rich Warren did a Fam Trip with
See Plymouth right before COVID hit.
See Plymouth is partnering with the MA office of Travel & Tourism on the campaign. Find the website at Here are some ways you can contribute as well…
New England Bus Association Membership Directory Ad
Our digital ad in Only in Massachusetts will go live next week. We know it will do well from the viewership stats in the region.
Jack Girard's Waterfront Visitor Information
Center Report
Seattle takes tourism very seriously. If only we could get this kind of funding…
Meetings may have changed forever according to this graph from Forbes last week.
September 15 Results of Destination Analysts
‘Travel Sentiment Survey’
We just received survey results on what people
have been doing this summer.
Is this your experience as well?
Wave 27 data. Respondents taking summer leisure trip, 498 completed surveys. Data collected September 11-13, 2020. Destination Analysts.
JetBlue Adds New Routes
to Entice Travelers 
U.S. Travel
Association Update
The new home: A school bus

Three Minutes of Mindless Relaxation: Did you know cats can be trained?
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