Issue 38 | November 11, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
It’s amazing how things can change in a week. Our office is starting to take on order again since the move as we put things away. A portion of our funding has arrived. A vaccine for the pandemic will be coming soon and our members have been blessed with another nice weekend or two before it turns cold. just named Plymouth the most significantly historic town in MA for 2020. Things are going to get better, I promise!

Yet nothing is like it should be. Tourism has been devastated by the pandemic in every facet of the industry. Trying to stay positive comes and goes just as the sickness rises and falls. 2020 and all its hopes faded for us as we watched the pandemic take hold. 

2021 is a different story. Hopefully, the vaccines will come sooner than later, and we can get back on track with a successful season. Pull out those commemorative souvenirs you planned to sell. They are still collector’s items and will be attractive as we commemorate the anniversary of the first Thanksgiving. After all, the Mayflower story really happened in 2021 since they didn’t land until late December.

Our annual meeting will make you aware of all that See Plymouth has been doing to keep us out there for when people are ready to travel again, and in the meantime, we have continued in a smaller way to hand out brochures, visit with people from all over the country, and make people aware of our history, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and outdoor activities. If you miss it, we will send a link to the Zoom meeting so try to catch it later.

Take a break today and read some of our articles. They are full of information, hope, amazement, and helpful news about the pandemic.
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We Can All Do Our Part to Help Tourism
We have been lobbying really hard to get tourism dollars for the town and county of Plymouth. Can you help? Please click the link below and let your voice be heard. It will truly help our tourism efforts before the House votes.
I continue join other travel professionals to lobby both our federal and state governments to send tourism recovery dollars so we can continue recovery efforts that are equal to other places…
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