Issue 34 | October 14, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
Moving is one of the things that psychologists say is unsettling for most people. Change is hard for humans and this is one of the biggest changes we can make. This week See Plymouth moved to 4 North Street, but for us, it was a welcome relief from dealing with this pandemic. For a couple of weeks, we are making decisions that involve where to put a piece of furniture, or that involve physical labor that takes our mind off fear of sickness, home schooling, worry about weight gain and dread that this will never end.

We moved to be closer to members, to be more visible to our visitors, and to create another place besides our Waterfront Visitor Center in Plymouth’s tourism district that is easy to find. Our members both in the town and county will enjoy ADA accessible offices for our meetings.

Our view is now Shirley Square and the heart of the historic and cultural district. We look forward to waving to neighbors when they walk by and to the fellowship we will participate in as we all experience life in New England. 

We’ve included some photos of our staff as they unpack this week, and plan in future weeks to welcome you to one of our in-person gatherings. Yes, the day will come when we can physically gather. In the meantime, soldier on. We have to soldier on, we have no choice while COVID plays out. 

Some of us have used this time for positive purposes, and some have allowed negative points of view to overcome us, but we have to encourage those in the former and pull those in the latter back toward why we are all here. No one ever promised us that every day of our lives would be sunshine and rainbows, but we can create more of those sunny days by helping each other. All of us are here to contribute our given gifts to the world and part of doing that is sharing, caring, and helping others when they need a lift up.

Today, after the photos from our move, I am sharing a lot of data. It’s easy to skip by the data, but in this report, take some time to appreciate this benefit that you, as one of our members, receive. Some numbers are up and others are down, but like they say, you are not part of the show unless you are in the game. Unless we are out there reminding people to visit, we are not in the game. Plymouth and Plymouth County cannot do that by advertising once. Advertising on a steady schedule is the only way we can compete with other places and the investment you make through your membership in tourism is what allows us to do that. We cannot afford to do this on our own…that is why we invest together.

So yes, let’s all soldier on, but let’s do it together.
Welcome to 4 North Street!
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