Issue 41 | January 12, 2021
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
Perspective sometimes saves us. I am trying to use it to get through this historically important time, but it is really hard. While we are being drowned in negativity in nearly all aspects of our lives, I am trying my best to create balance.

As I visit with many of you and feel the economic stress you voice, my heart hurts. We are facing similar challenges at See Plymouth. What keeps me going is hearing all of you talk about your worries for each other. That is why I love the town and county of Plymouth. We share a bond that goes back to the beginning of this country, and we stick up for each other. Here at See Plymouth, we are working with all of our faithful members who understand the importance of investing in tourism. We will work with all of you to make sure you remain a member and that we weather this storm. 

While I grieve my great Uncle David who died of COVID and my good friend Norma Jane who we lost way before we should have, I am living through memories of them I hadn’t thought of in years. Uncle David was a walking history book about our family, so I am kicking myself for not spending time with him taking notes or recording his stories. I shake my head at the unfairness for Norma Jane, who had one of the most brilliant political minds, because she will not have any more years to analyze what we are all going through today. It makes me realize we have to grab today while it is here and understand nothing in this world is forever.

So far, I remain healthy. I worry incessantly with every sniffle and cough that I may be next, but I am thankful for all the people I pass each day who wear masks and give me a wide berth because they care as much as I do about what we have to do to protect ourselves and each other. 

I thank God every day for front line workers and worry about their sanity in having to work endless hours and then see people flaunt the universal rules of pandemics as if COVID-19 cares a whit about politics and/or freedom. I will thank them at every health appointment for the rest of my days.

I desperately miss my brother, Rich and will head to Illinois to see him the minute we are all vaccinated. My mother is in a memory care center with eleven people of which eight have COVID. She, so far, continues to test negative and will receive her first shot this week. I pray it isn’t too late.

I watch television in horror at the end of each day and wince at the pictures I see of our country and the division and hatred and refusal to budge. People on all sides are totally convinced they are right, but at some point, we have to stop and listen to each other and keep listening until we rediscover love, hope, tolerance, and compromise. Then I walk outside and along Plymouth Bay and listen to the waves slapping against the shore and just breathe.

My antidotes for all the worry are throwing myself into my work, listening to classical piano music, eating more than I should, reading historical books, talking with Ron, walking, walking, and walking. It’s funny how in this time we are most apart physically, we are so dependent upon each other mentally to make it through. I’m here for you, and I know you are here for me.

With that in mind, I will return to tourism, the number one industry in the town and county of Plymouth. The news is still grim, but we know there is an end in sight. This week’s travel updates show growth beginning in the fall and a much better 2022, but that is this week’s predictions. Depending on the speed with which we rally with vaccines, we may face a faster recovery in 2021. Fingers crossed.
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