Crossroads Film Festival is March 31-April 3, 2016

Come see
The Sound and the Fury
on Friday, April 1 @ 6:00 PM, Malco Grandview

Friday Night Double Feature:
The Sound and the Fury + Music Video Showcase... just $10! 
Come see The Sound and the Fury at Crossroads Film Festival on Friday, April 1 at 6:00 PM, part of Friday Night Double Feature: The Sound and the Fury + Music Video Showcase. Tickets are just $10!

Based on the novel written by Mississippi's own William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury is a piercing and poignant look at the trials and tribulations of the Compson siblings living in the deep South during the early part of the 20th century. The film is director James Franco's second film based on Faulkner's work. He also made As I Lay Dying in Mississippi.

Several amazing young Mississippi actors play major roles in The Sound and the Fury, including Stella Allen and Brady Permenter. This was Stella's first feature film, and Brady's second film with Franco.

Young Stella Allen is best known for her role as Caddy Compson in The Sound and The Fury (2014), but also had prominent roles in Jaclyn Bethany's Olivia Martha Ilse (2014) and The White Silk Dress (2013). Stella was just five years old when she took her first acting class and a year later was cast in a local community theater production of "Pinkalicious The Musical". From there she was hooked on theater! She appeared in regional productions of "The Sound of Music" as Gretl and "Charlotte's Web" as Fern. Since filming her first feature, she has been in regional productions of "Annie" (Molly) and "Freckleface Strawberry" (Gabby). Stella made her professional theater debut in 2014 as Young Fiona and Baby Bear in Shrek The Musical.             

Youngster Brady Permenter (as Quentin Compson) is best known for As I Lay Dying (2013), The Gift (2015) and The Sound and the Fury (2014).

Cotton Yancey (Life at these Speeds) and Dunlap Peeples, IV (As I Lay Dying, Big Significant Things, Spark!) also play minor roles. The film also features Mississippi historic home Cotesworth in North Carrollton.

Then stay for the second half of the Double Feature and check out the Music Video Showcase, featuring music videos from Mississippi and the USA:
  • "Feel It" by Yelpy
  • "Jackson Canon" by Dream Cult
  • "Roosari" ("Scarf") by Shadi Amini
  • "The Happy Song" by Blackwater Trio
  • "Creepy Ghost" by Drew McKercher
  • "El Muppet Song" by Melody Gardot
  • "Emisora" by Daniel Guaqueta
  • "Fallen Star" by AJC & the Envelope Pushers
  • "German Girl" by Stephen Feldman
  • "Ice Storm 1994" by Cory Cox
  • "Let the Little Things Go" by Vending Machine
  • "Nevermind" by Alex da Ponte
  • "Preacher Man" by Melody Gardot
  • "Release Me" by Adalia Tara
  • "Return of the Worm" by T54
  • "Sea Calls Me Home" by Julia Holter
  • "Slartibartfast" by Yearnst
  • "We Rewind" by Marcella & Her Lovers
See you at the movies!


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