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My Original Amish Buggy Design
Long, Long Ago In A Quilt Shop Not Far, Far Away ...

In April, 2014, I started designing digitized stitching designs to complement Ruth's quilt patterns. It started out simply, she wanted an overall design of an Amish wagon. As can be expected of a doting husband, I created a wagon, horse, harness, whip, driver, flower, ground and grass. She was incredibly impressed [as would my art teachers in elementary school] but
What She Really Wanted
she had just wanted the view of the back of the wagon [which anyone who drives in Amish country knows well]. [As you may imagine, this was not the only miscommunication that we have had.]

This prompted the explosion into over 1,600 designs, which I sell in our web-store. Ruth, longarm customers, and those who purchased my designs continue to request new patterns.

Today ...

Arlene D.'s Framed Tumbling Blocks
However, now I'm feeling lonely! The last four custom quilts Ruth has done have not needed my designing prowess. Ruth has been letting the Innova enhance her creativity. Not only that, but the solution she creates fits the quilt in question perfectly! And, she can export her patterns for use elsewhere!

Ruth has been so successful at this that I'm going to highlight a few of her latest customization. The first example is in this newsletter.

Hopefully in a few weeks we will have added a page to our site on Training to show how she accomplishes her magic. In the meantime you will be able to see these quilts in the Accomplish Quilting booth at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo/Cincinnati in Sharonville.

A Close-Up View Of The Front
Example #1: Arlene D. brought in a framed tumbling block quilt to be custom quilted. After a bit of discussion, she left it to Ruth to decide upon the stitching patterns and threads.

Ruth wanted to highlight the diamond-shaped frame around the center blocks. However, she could not find one in our 5,000 designs or on the web that would fit. They were either too narrow, too wide, or had the wrong angles for the frames.

Her solution took several steps. She started with outlining the frames on the quilt with Innova's pushpin function. This allowed her to map the exact quilt locations onto the computer screen using the sewhead. She then took a looped straight pattern that she already had and placed it into one side of the pushpined area. The next step was to adjust the height and length of the design to fit the frame using Innova's Transform function.

She then copied it and rotated the copy to fit into an adjacent side of the pushpined area. Using the mouse, she trimmed off overlapping design loops and created the proper loops between the two with Innova's Trim and Arc Drawing functions.

Portion Of The Back
This created half the frame. She then copied what she had done and flipped it into the other half of the frame. Again, she trimmed off overlapping design loops and created links between the two sides so that the entire frame would sew at one time.

That may seem like a lot of steps. However, she just needed to copy and rotated the frame to fit the other 20 tumbling block frames. Of course, a little Innova nudging and morphing is necessary because piecing is never exact nor exactly repeatable.

The last step was to place the feathers on the side panels and the wrought iron in the top panel [yea, one of my designs]!

Of course the entire background was quilted in a very tight Donna Kleinke's Ethereal Mist. Again, Innova's Mask function combined with the Edge-To-Edge function allowed her to block out what had already been quilted, as well as automatically link the various segments and pieces so that it could stitch with a minimum of start/stops [i.e. tie-offs]. What a time-saver!

Arlene D. and we are very happy with the result. Not only was she happy with how it looks, but the cost came in 1/3 less than we had quoted!

We're looking forward to seeing you in Sharonville at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo/Cincinnati where you will be able to see this beautiful quilt that Arlene D. has given us permission to display.

Stop by the Accomplish Quilting Booth and say "Hi!"
Have a blessed day!
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