March 2019
Changing the Lives of Teens in Tough Places
Urban Teens:
Growing Up in a Difficult Culture
by Joel Fether
City Life Eastside

“David” is an urban teen growing up in a culture that tells him his role is only to focus on surviving rather than on achieving, to make as much money as possible and to be with as many women as he can. His parents provide very little guidance, he has almost no motivation to go to school, and he thinks it’s unlikely he will graduate. And yet, because David has put his faith in Jesus, he has been given new life in Christ.

Imagine how amazing it would be to see David 10 years from now serving as a volunteer in City Life and helping students grow in Christ! And so, we are committed to work hard to proclaim, teach, and admonish all our students to present them fully mature in Christ knowing that the task is surely too big unless Christ works powerfully in us. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10)
"Can I Really Do This?"
Perhaps you've wondered about volunteering with YFC but worry about connecting with the teens? Campus Life volunteer Cheri Rathburn felt this way at first. But as you'll see, the Lord helped her work through her doubts and become a blessing to the kids:

"I’d only been hanging out with the teens at Monday night Campus Life Club for a few weeks when they started talking about their summer missions trip that they call Mohican Valley Mission Trip. They talked about how they get to serve the elderly in Mansfield during the day and have Bible studies in the evening. I still wasn’t too sure what it was all about when our Ministry Site Leader Stephanie Stanforth asked me if I would help chaperone for the week. I was reluctant. I felt I was too old to relate to the teens and even keep up with them at camp. But Stephanie was encouraging and mentioned we would also have a fun day at Cedar Point. That sounded fun so I signed up..." CLICK HERE FOR REST OF STORY
New Skills, New Relationships
Luke Walker of Luke's Auto teaches an automotive skills class at the City Life Center we call YF C Wh eels. He shared the following news about his recent class:

"Please give Camrin, Joe and Christen a round of applause! They are our top three students for this month's intro class. They showed diligence, a great attitude, and mechanical/electrical aptitude! They learned how to proficiently: Diagnose basic electrical circuits; Perform an oil change; Change brake pads and rotors; Change a spare tire and light bulbs; Disassemble and reassemble a small engine."

We are passionate about helping teens learn new skills, build self-confidence and become connected with mentors and positive teens at the City Life Center. Classes like YFC Wheels provide the perfect opportunity for this. We have many City Life programs and are always interested in connecting YFC friends with teens who are looking for mentor relationships with adults. If you'd like to learn more about the City Life program, CLICK HERE .

Juvenile Justice Ministry:
Sharing Christ with Incarcerated Teens
Conrad Hilario, pictured here in 2000, was 20 years old when he spoke at a YFC Golf Outing. This was the first time he shared publicly about his journey to Christ. This journey took him through the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center where he met YFC chaplains and learned about beginning a relationship with Christ. Today Conrad is a pastor of a large church in Columbus, Ohio. (You can read Conrad's testimony HERE .)

Chaplains with our Juvenile Justice Ministry share Jesus with incarcerated teens in five Juvenile Detention facilities in Central Ohio. These teens are out of their comfortable surroundings and are scared of what awaits them. That's why they are often open to spiritual discussions...and to beginning their new life Christ.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough chaplains to meet with all of the teens who desire spiritual input in their lives. That's why we are actively recruiting volunteers to serve with us in or JJM outreach. Candidates must pass a YFC background check and meet the training requirements of the FCJDC.

If you'd like to learn more about our Juvenile Justice Ministry, please go to our website HERE .
Do You Struggle with Anger?
Everyone deals with anger. It can be anything from mild annoyance to extreme rage. But when is it a problem?

WellSpring clinicians Tim Fallara and Nick Gagnet lead an Anger Management Group that will help you identify your anger issues and explore personal aspects, gain insight and master techniques to turn your anger into a strength. Below, Nick provides more detail about this group:

"Anger is an emotion that we all deal with. A tough aspect of anger is that it can impact relationships and cause pain, even when we don't completely understand our anger and why we do it. Participants in our group can learn both the hows of handling anger and whys of anger issues, as well as have a safe space to process anger effectively together."

If you'd like more information on WellSpring's Anger Management Group, CLICK HERE .
Join Us for These Exciting Events
Be the Story
May 8, 2019
Attend our annual Fundraising Luncheon and learn firsthand how COYFC is impacting teens throughout Central Ohio for Christ. Be the Story is held at Villa Milano Conference Center from Noon-1:00 PM.

Over the Edge to End
Child Sex-Trafficking
June 13-14, 2019
Rappel 26 stories to help raise awareness and support for the survivors of child sex-trafficking. Rappellers raise $1,250 for the opportunity to go over the edge.

Serve Teens Alongside Us
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