AUGUST, 2019
On Wednesday, July 10th, 2019, the Transition to Adulthood program held its third annual Careers in Technology Workshop on the Turner Techwood Campus of WarnerMedia (formerly known as Turner Broadcasting). The day began with a welcome and an overview of the day's events from Mrs. Stacey Rivers, Director of Technology Skills and Development (and HERO Board Member). Then the children were ushered into the conference area for a Lunch and Learn where Mrs. Rivers gave a brief presentation on WarnerMedia, which is the parent company of a host of entertainment platforms. Topics of conversation included the company's mission, how it generates income (through advertisements and subscriptions from companies such as Comcast and Netflix), and emerging technology in this sphere. The conversation regarding the interface between technology and media captured our children's interests, as many have found ways to produce and edit their own videos using their phones, which they then share on various social media outlets. Next, our children viewed a two minute film entitled, "The Future of Work"  that provided an explanation of Augmented Intelligence, plans for robots in the workplace, and their impact on future jobs. Our children were amazed by how life-like many of the robots being developed are, and how they are able to interact and respond like human beings. 

The Lunch and Learn continued with a discussion of the importance of acquiring and maintaining 'soft skills' while employed. Mrs. Rivers stated, "You are always on a job interview," as you never know who may be watching you. She went on to say that at their age, it is important to learn how to communicate effectively and exhibit a strong work ethic, as those are the keys to being successful - regardless of field. Many of our children shared their experiences with their respective jobs, noting how their employers commend them for taking on leadership roles, and for being team players.

Following the presentation, our youths heard from Ms. Chasity Bradford, Graphic Designer, Mr. Marcus Williams, Log Editor with Broadcast Operations, and Danielle Scarbourgh, Senior Project Manager, who served on a panel and shared their personal stories of how they became employed at WarnerMedia. Throughout the conversation, the common themes were clear: perseverance, creating a plan, and being disciplined in following that plan pave the road to achievement. The presenters also shared that they often had to take on less desirable jobs before they landed their ideal positions, and pointed out how those opportunities brought them to where they are today. Mrs. Rivers then chronicled how her personal goals and career trajectory brought her to WarnerMedia, and discussed the endless opportunities for growth in the company. She then brought the children back to the importance of 'soft skills' in the workplace, and highlighted the value of being "personable and professional" at all times. In closing, she urged the adolescents to understand that those you work with and for have one common goal in mind. Therefore, being a team player is essential to achievement in the workforce.

After the panel discussion, our teens toured the Broadcast Operation Center where all the networks are aired, and chatted with several of the employees regarding their roles and responsibilities. Our children did not realize the amount of behind-the-scenes work it takes to generate quality television programs. The day ended with great advice from Mrs. Rivers, who underscored the value of developing life plans and staying focused on them. "We all have goals and dreams, but it is important that you protect them by carefully selecting the people you associate with, as well as the people who serve as your mentors," she imparted.  

Our children had an enlightening and entertaining day at WarnerMedia. They not only learned about careers at WarnerMedia and how technology is shaping the future, but were furnished with beneficial life lessons, as well. The Transition to Adulthood program endeavors to empower adolescents to matriculate to college or trade/technical school, secure rewarding employment and become productive members of society . We thank Mrs. Rivers and her colleagues  for helping HERO achieve that goal by continuing to welcome our kids to WarnerMedia and exposing them to all that it has to offer in the field of technology.
Love Cycling? H.E.R.O. for Children, Inc. is looking for an individual to sign-up as our team captain and form a team on behalf of Camp High Five for Camp Twin Lakes' Spin for Kids. This event will take place on  Sunday, October 20th, 2019 .
What is Spin For Kids?
Taking place at Camp Twin Lakes (CTL)-Rutledge, Spin For Kids is a fully supported road bike ride that winds through the rolling hills of beautiful Morgan County, Georgia. Spin For Kids offers multiple routes for riders of all skill levels. Participants can choose from six scenic road routes: 5, 15, 27, 47, 62 or 100 miles. Each route is supported from start to finish with fully-stocked rest stops, first aid, route marshals, and bike technicians. Riders with young children can register their children to participate in free day camp while their parents are out riding. As riders return to CTL, they are invited to join in camp festivities including delicious food, beer, live entertainment and a chance to explore Camp. All adult riders pay a small registration fee ($5-$45) and commit to raising at least $200. Children under 18 who would like to ride are not required to fundraise and pay just $5-$15 to register.
How can Spin For Kids help H.E.R.O.?
Spin For Kids provides a unique opportunity for Camp Partners to raise money to offset our 2020 camp costs. 80% of the money raised by our team goes directly back to our camp program, and the other 20% helps CTL support you! Last year, Camp Partners raised over $48,000!
To sign-on as our team captain, please email our Match and Development Coordinator at or call (470) 321-3102 EXT. 248.

The Super HEROes Mentoring Program  is a community-based, one-on-one mentoring program serving children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The program provides these children with the opportunity to have a positive role model through a mentor and to strengthen their life skills, self-esteem, communication skills, goal-setting and academic performance.

Why HERO children need mentors? 

Approximately 33% of HERO children are HIV positive and the other 67% are affected (i.e. someone who has an infected parent, sibling, residential relative, or has lost a relative to HIV/AIDS-related complications). Twenty-five percent (25%) of HERO children have lost a parent as a result of HIV/AIDS-related complications, and almost 90% of HERO children come from low-income families (household incomes are $20,000/year or less).

Many of our children struggle with day-to-day challenges including low self-esteem, social difficulties, academic underachievement, self-destructive behavior, etc. You can help change this!

Responsibilities of a Super HERO Mentor:
  • Spend one-on-one quality time with a child at least twice a month, a minimum of two hours each time.
  • Participate with the child in a bi-monthly group activity organized and sponsored by H.E.R.O. for Children.
  • Be a positive role model for the child.
  • Contribute to strengthening the child's self-esteem, social adjustment and life skills.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Be at least 22 years of age.
  • Be willing and available to comply with H.E.R.O. for Children's policies and procedures.*
  • Have dependable automobile transportation, maintain a valid driver's license, verifiable automobile insurance and abide by Georgia vehicle codes (i.e. seat belts, speed limits, etc.).
  • Have a suitable home environment.
  • Pass background checks, including motor vehicle record, sex offender registry, national criminal background screening and social security verification, prior to serving.
*  Training and continuing education provided.

Saturday, September 14th, 2019 | 12:30 PM | Atlanta, GA

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 | 1:20 PM | Atlanta, GA

Friday, October 25th, 2019 - Sunday, October 27th, 2019 | Winder, GA

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