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November 30, 2023

Prepare to be Enlightened

This month we are showcasing products for a variety of projects! Quadrant by Euerka is a versatile, acoustic solution, and Lithonia is adding to their successful ESXF flood light family. JLC Tech is expanding their Gemini product line, and Kenall is introducing a fresh take on behavioral health troffers! Make sure to visit our line card here to stay up to date on the latest offerings!

Add visual appeal while absorbing ambient noise with Quadrant by Eureka, now offered with three captivating, perforated motifs. Interlocking felted fins come in a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes plus lit and unlit options.

  • Available in 4 cutout patterns
  • Available in 14 different felt colors.
  • nLight controls available.
  • Available in 4 different color temperatures.
  • Up to 1366 delivered lumens.
  • Quick Ship options available:
  • 5 days for a maximum of 5 units.
  • 10 days for a maximum of 20 units.

Click here to learn more about Quadrant from Eureka.

The all-new ESXF5 LED Floodlight delivers an impressive 50,000 lumens, serving as a true replacement for 1000W HID fixtures. Designed with the versatility of 36 fixtures in one, the Contractor Select ESXF5 LED offers a dynamic lighting solution tailored to your customized preferences. 

  • Lumen selectable 30000 / 40000 / 50000

  • Color Selectable 3000K / 4000K / 5000K

  • Dusk to Dawn Photocell included standard.

  • Yoke and Slip Fitter mounting included standard.

  •  IP66 rated, Die-cast aluminum housing.

  • High Voltage option available.

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Gemini from JLC Tech

Incorporating the same benefits and key features as our GEMINI 4”, the GEMINI 2” provides a solution for designers, ensuring the original design intent is translated cleanly to the installers, delivering as-specified results. GEMINI 2” guarantees on-center grid installation by replacing the cross tees and does not require a dedicated opening built into the ceiling.

  • Available with a traditional Diffused Lens, or a Visual Comfort Lens.
  • Five different color temperatures to choose from.
  • Available in three different lumen output levels, up to 1000 lm/ft.
  • White, Black, and Custom Finishes Available.
  • Emergency Battery kit available.
  • Offered with Specialty Wood Ceiling mounting options.

Click here to learn more about Gemini from JLC Tech

New from Kenall, the 24" round MedMaster troffer for Behavorial Health.

  • 24" Round shape provides a differentiated aesthetic to behavioral health lighting applications.
  • Ambient and examination multi-function lamping for over-bed applications 
  • Continuous lens retention and tamper-resistant fasteners for ligature prevention
  • Standard IP64 and NSF2 rating
  • Suitable for recessed drywall/hard ceilings with minimal plenum ingress
  • Available with Tunable White and Indigo Clean Technology.

Click here to learn more about BHAERT from Kenall


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