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February 5, 2024

Prepare to be Enlightened

We hope everyone's year is off to a great start! Below you can learn more about new, products from Gotham, Eureka, inter lux, and Lithonia. Gotham has introduced a new versatile downlight that will fit in even the tightest of spaces, while Eureka has added a pop of color with new acoustic products. Inter Lux debuts a new take on pathway lighting and Lithonia is introducing a new wall pack solution. Learn more below and be sure to visit our line card here to stay up to date on the latest offerings!

The next generation of downlighting starts with the shallowest recessed downlight that fits in any space as shallow as 2-inches, while pushing the boundaries that goes beyond fitting into tight ceiling spaces. The IVO™ platform will excel at helping you create better experiences within your space and offer you the solutions of a complete family offering with unrivaled adaptability in the field, flexibility on lead times and service, and a seamless installation process that will set a new industry standard.

  • Designed to fit into ceiling plenums as shallow as 2" in the 4-inch aperture, and 3.5" in in the 6-inch aperture, perfect for any application.
  • Choose between remodel and new construction (IC and Non-IC), installation in a 4" or 6" aperture, both available in round or square, open cone or lensed wall wash, and flange or flangeless – all available in a variety of finishes and trim colors.
  • Delivering up to 3,000 lumens from a 4-inch aperture and up to 5,000 lumens from a 6-inch aperture. Delivering up to 120 LPW.
  • Designed with 17% less steel, 44% less aluminum, and 28% less plastic.
  • Coming soon to Design Select™ – get your next shallow recessed downlight in 15 days or less!

Click here to learn more about IVO from Gotham.

Use the expressive power of Joli, Elke, and Marro. With three assertive shapes, 30 colors and multiple sizes, the acoustic luminaire trio creates a palette of possibilities to bring life and sound-absorbing features into a space.

With a rounded design that radiates from the shape of its diffuser, Joli exhibits a simplicity of form that’s especially pleasing when clustered. Captivating bursts of color and bubbles of light make a strong design statement in any space.

Bringing renewed flare to a classic shade form, Elke’s vertical profile is right at home in a loftier expanse space. Use it in open working areas and transition spaces such as like corridors.

A broad profile in a shorter height. Marro is intended for lower ceilings and smaller spaces, (and in) or in more intimate working areas where maximum sound absorption is key.

Click here to learn more about Color Field from Eureka.

Introducing DWave from inter lux

D Wave represents a revolutionary lighting concept to illuminate even the most complex outdoor pathways. D Wave is a surface mounted flexible low profile made of recyclable rubber (PVC) and designed to evenly illuminate walkways, trails, parks and any other area without any limitation. The product is meant to be placed along paths and walls.

Designed as alternative to bollards, taking a totally different approach, where the fixture blends with the trail it’s illuminating and maintains excellent light levels alongside it, without being noticed.

  • D Wave profile is made of PVC, lead free.

  •  Remote 24V DC Dimmable 0-10V driver.

  • Available with outputs of 3 or 6.7 Watts per foot.

  • Optics: Fixed, available as General Illumination (Rubber 3D or Silicone C), with Elliptic Spot or Elliptic Flood (Rubber 3D Optic), RGBW (Rubber 3D RGBW). Fixture is Full Cut-Off (Dark Sky Compliant).

  • Color Temps of 2700, 3000, 4000

  • Available with RGBW.

  • IP67 Rated.

Click here to learn more about DWave from inter lux.

New! Lithonia Lighting OLWP LED SWW2 Wall Pack

Customize the color temperature and effortlessly automate your wall pack for dusk-to-dawn operation with the OLWP LED Wall Pack. OLWP is a sleek and durable fixture that provides bright and uniform illumination for your outdoor spaces.

  • Push button switchable color temperature, switching from 3000, 4000 and 5000 K.

  • Push button photocell, enabling you to automate your wall pack for dusk-to-dawn operation.

  • Replacement for a 70W metal halide fixture but consumes only 18W of power and delivers 1,600 lumens.

  • Polycarbonate lens resists impact and weather damage.

Click here to learn more about OLWP from Lithonia.


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