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Novemeber 11, 2022

Prepare to be Enlightened

Lights, camera, action! As we are going into the season of performing arts and entertainment, RLV is showcasing luminaires that will spotlight those on the stage to the fields. Contact us for your next on the scene project!

Legacy D-Series Area Size 0

The D-Series distills the benefits of the latest in LED technology into a high performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire. The sleek design reflecting the embedded high-performance LED outdoor lighting technology makes the D-Series, Size 0 the ideal choice for campuses, bike paths, walkways, and retail sites.

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  • The Superpanel contains 400 high-quality, surface-mounted LEDs with high-color rendering
  • The fundamental and exclusive ‘True Colors’ feature eliminates the need for post-production modifications
  • Extremely lightweight and compact


  • The lightweight and rugged fixture is extremely versatile, and focusable from a narrow spot to a wide-beam full flood
  • The fixture has a battery-powered option, includes an extremely quiet fan
  • Yoke, C-clamp and barn doors included.



  • Advanced Double Folded Aluminum Fins Deliver Maximum Thermal Management
  • Multiple Lumen Package
  • Field Aimable
  • Low EPA
  • Available from 450W up to 2450W Configurations

Discover The Wedge


  • The projector features continuous 0 to 100% dimming
  • strobe effects up to 25 frames per second, and electronic blackout capability. 
  • Manual focus and beam width tuning from 19° to 35°
  • The IP65 rated projector is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

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The LP4 SuperSPOT Series is a super high power, super focused LED luminaire designed specifically for long throw, tight beam applications. The LP4 SuperSPOT Series can be used with a versatile CONTROLTrack™ system to be controlled with 0-10V or DMX protocols. Read More

MFP-Floor Proximity

  • A low profile and powerful LED recessed fixture for Mounting up to 4 ft from floor level.
  • Dual function operation in either emergency or normal mode, powered from the Signtex central battery system at 24VDC.
  • An advanced LED driver module is incorporated in the fixture, allowing dual operation from either a battery or normally on power source.

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